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School of Theology and Ministry

Job Opportunity

Parish Ministry

Liturgy Coordinator

St. Pius X Catholic Church

Billings, Montana


The task of coordinating the liturgy encompasses more than the duties of a sacristan. It requires a knowledge of liturgy and a deep concern for all the ministers who make the celebration possible. The ability to instruct, organize and enable is the hallmark of a good liturgical coordinator.  Priests, deacons, servers, choirs, cantors, musicians, song leaders, readers, Eucharistic ministers, ushers, sacristans and custodians are all profoundly involved in the worship of the church. The coordinator of the liturgy must effectively shape the various ministries to function as a unit in service to the one body of Christ.  This is a public relations task of no simple consequence but a position that demands the responsible and accountable exercise of authority.  As the liturgy is the summit of the Church’s activity and the font of her power, it is only in the appropriate coordination of her worship that all the baptized begin to realize the depth of their commitment as the people of God.


Administrative Responsibilities

1.         Serves as a member of the parish staff and cooperates with the pastor and other staff members in working for the good of the entire parish.

2.         As a staff member, oversees the implementation of the recommendation of the parish worship committee.

3.         Represents the parish staff to the parish worship committee which coordinates planning for seasonal and special events

4.         Serves as staff director of the parish worship committee.

5.         Communicates with all whose work affects or is affected by liturgical celebrations: maintenance staff, school personnel, religious education personnel, parish organizations, etc.

6.         Communicates with and seeks to educate the parish community regarding liturgy through the use of the parish bulletin, newsletter, and parish social media.

7.         Coordinates all persons involved in liturgical ministries: sacristans, servers, musicians, ushers, lectors, special ministers of the Eucharist, artists, bread bakers, etc.

8.         Maintains database, demographic and scheduling records of all liturgical ministers.

9.         Coordinates scheduling of all liturgical ministers.

10.       Oversees scheduling of all liturgical celebrations and prayer services to insure the integrity of the liturgical year.

11.       Prepares an annual budget in consultation with the pastor, parish liturgy committee and parish finance council.

12.       Initiates the formation and oversees the implementation of parish policies and guidelines concerning liturgy.

13.       Orders all materials for church celebrations: candles, wine, hosts, vessels, etc.

14.       Participates in deanery (cluster, vicariate) and diocesan networks of professional peers, and fosters good public relations within and outside the parish.


Worship Responsibilities

1.         Directs the discernment of parish worship and prayer needs, and oversees the provision of quality liturgical celebrations and prayer service, engaging the gifts and involvement of the whole community.

2.         Directs the process of liturgy preparation with staff and planning committee(s) for liturgical events, including baptisms, reconciliation, confirmation, First Eucharist, communal anointing of the sick, weddings, funerals, etc.

3.         Works with religious education personnel, school personnel and all parish groups in the preparation of liturgical celebrations and makes the final liturgical judgment along with the presider.

4.         Provides the means to assist engaged couples to prepare wedding liturgies.

5.         Provides the means to assist bereaved families to prepare the rites of the Order of Christian Funerals.

6.         Oversees the planning and preparation of the environment of the worship space for seasons and other occasions.

7.         Joins with others to develop the liturgical spirit of the parish and fosters an atmosphere of hospitality and harmony.

8.         Schedules substitute priests as needed.

9.         Serves as a leader of prayer when appropriate.

10.       Ensures that the liturgical norms and laws of the Church are followed in the parish.

11.       Represents the parish in planning and executing ecumenical prayer services.


Educational Responsibilities

1.         Continues to grow in knowledge of Catholic liturgy through reading, workshops and educational opportunity.  In turn, keeps the parish abreast of developments in sacramental theology, and requirements of canon law, liturgical practices nationally and diocesan policies and guidelines.

2.         Recruits, and ensures the initial preparation of, all persons engaged in liturgical ministries.

3.         Provides for the initial orientation and ongoing formation of all parish worship committee members.

4.         Develops workshops for ongoing liturgical formation for ministers and publicizes regional workshop opportunities.

5.         Serves as the local parish resource to all staff members and liturgical ministers to promote an understanding and development of needed skills for the planning and execution of all parish liturgies.

6.         Provides the parish community (including specific parish organizations) with education about matters of liturgical understanding, sensitivity and planning.

7.         Maintains a professional liturgy library which provides current resources.



1.         Must be a fully-initiated, practicing Catholic in good standing.

2.         Master’s degree in Sacramental Theology, Scripture, Pastoral Studies or a related field and certification in Liturgical Studies or certification in a diocesan liturgical formation program.

3.         Four years of administrative experience in pastoral/parish ministry.



Résumés must be submitted no later than March 28, 2014 to be considered for this position.

Send résumé to:

Ms. Kathy McCleary

St. Pius X Catholic Church

717 18th Street West

Billings, MT 59102-4099