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School of Theology and Ministry

Community Life and Formation

school of theology and ministry

Sending forth mass at St. Ignatius Church

Students in the School of Theology and Ministry (STM) come from all over the world to deepen their knowledge and commitment to their faith, making the STM a unique place where cross-cultural collaboration is part of everyday student life. Students, both male and female, range in age from their early twenties to seventies; they are single, married, priests, and vowed religious; they come from local, national, and international locations. International students represent over 20 countries, and Jesuits from 24 countries complete their studies in preparation for ordination to the priesthood. Others come directly from volunteer experiences based in the United States and internationally. Still others have left established careers in business, law, nursing, and teaching to begin again.

All STM students share the call to develop their unique ministerial gifts in service of a global Church. At the STM, students find the life resources they need to pursue their academic goals, build new friendships and vocational contacts, and further develop personal and communal spiritual practices. Students play an integral role in all aspects of the STM community in hope that they will grow in faith and understanding, and go on to be leaders in the Church and society by sharing faith, promoting justice, and serving the hearts and minds of those in need.

Because the STM is a constituent school of Boston College, its students enjoy both the advantages of the relatively small School of Theology and Ministry community and the opportunities afforded by Boston College, a major national and international university. Both school and university offer comprehensive student services that provide an easy-to-navigate and student-centered learning environment.