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School of Theology and Ministry

Why Choose BC STM?

school of theology and ministry

Why do the scholars and ministers of tomorrow choose BC STM? Below are some of the most popular responses we have encountered when we asked ourselves and others, why choose BC STM?

The reasons below are just the beginning. We encourage you to see for yourself what your experience here could be. As you continue discerning, visit, call, or reach out to us with whatever questions you might have. We look forward to meeting you, and hope you'll be sharing why you chose BC STM with us soon.


The fact that we're a school of theology AND ministry is intentional. Here you'll be formed and challenged by a world class faculty to engage both mastery and praxis. You'll be supported by the largest Catholic theological library in the country and given opportunities to engage in scholarly conferences and other activities. BC STM belongs to a theological consortium, the Boston Theological Institute, which gives you the option to cross-register for classes, engage in inter-religious events, and take advantage of theological resources all throughout the Boston area.

Number 2: Community at STM


You’ll hear many places talk about community. Here at BC STM, our sense of community - as a school and as part of the wider global church - informs all that we do. As an international community dedicated to putting faith into action, what we study, how we pray, learn, and grow - and why we feel called to do so - is understood within the context of community. The diversity of our community - experiences, nationalities, ideologies, and career objectives - shapes dialogue here. Bonded together in Christ, we come together as a community of faith to challenge one another to become the very best versions of ourselves, that we may bring our gifts and talents to better serve the world around us.

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Number 3


Cura personalis, or care for the whole person, is a hallmark of Jesuit, Catholic education and the center of formation at BC STM. In the classroom and beyond, experiences at the STM focus on academic, ministerial, professional, spiritual, and human formation. Our faculty and staff promote our culture of formation as they offer presence, encouragement, challenge, and wisdom as students integrate their spirituality, studies, and real life experiences. With financial support from the STM, students are able to participate in spiritual direction and personal retreats. Our many integrative opportunities will allow you to immerse yourself fully in life and growth during your time here.

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Number 4

Career Placement.

The holistic formation of our students includes serious attention to preparing you for life beyond the STM, for everything from doctoral studies to campus ministry to non-profit work. Your professional formation is supported by our network of faculty, staff, and alumni, who serve as mentors in your preparation and discernment. By attending workshops hosted by faculty and alumni on applying for doctoral work, connecting with potential employers at the annual STM Ministry Expo, or participating in other opportunities offered throughout the year, students continue to discern their vocational calls while preparing to successfully secure job placement and further studies. With our great attention to how students' gifts and talents can serve the world beyond the STM, you can be confident that your vocation and career development will be fostered here.

Boston College.

STM students have the best of both worlds -- a small school community, as well as all of the resources of an international research university. You have full access to the BC Theology Department on main campus, as well as courses and dual degree programs offered in BC's other professional schools.  All STM students can add a Certificate in Human Rights and International Justice to their degree programs, or attend lectures offered by one of BC's academic centers. Students get involved through campus ministry, volunteering to lead retreats and service immersion trips, and take advantage of events and resources offered specifically for grad students through the Office of Graduate Student Life. 

Number Six
Boston Skyline


There is no better place to study theology. A multitude of activities and events around the area make Boston an amazing place to live and study. In addition to the academic resources of Boston, the city has an unlimited variety of opportunities to get involved with direct ministry. At parishes, nonprofit organizations, prisons, and beyond, you can enhance your spiritual development and ministry skills as you serve others and prepare for a future career in service to the church and the world.

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Boston and its surrounding cities and towns offer STM students opportunities to engage in diverse academic, worship, social justice, and ministry related activites.

Number 7
Financial Aid Information

90% of lay students receive some level of scholarship aid.

Student Support.

We are deeply committed to supporting our students. Each year, the STM awards scholarships to new students, and provides resources to new and continuing students to support their ongoing spiritual, ministerial, and human formation. Assistantships at the STM and throughout the greater BC campus are available. Our financial aid department is always available to discuss federal aid options and the process for applying for loans with you.

STM also offers financial support to students interested in attending retreats and/or participating in spiritual direction. Students wishing to attend academic conferences can apply for funding to help cover travel costs.