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School of Theology and Ministry

Fellowships and Scholarships

school of theology and ministry

In order to be considered for these awards, you need only complete the regular STM application for admission.  Decisions about funding are made at the time of admission and you will be notified of any scholarships awarded to you.

stm tuition scholarships

STM tuition scholarships are awarded to a select group of incoming students each year and recognize excellence in academic achievement, potential for ministerial success, previous service, and leadership.  They provide funding to support the cost of required classes. 

dean's fellowships

In addition to tuiton scholarship support, dean's fellowships provide a non-service stipend award

funding for international students

The STM funding that supports both religious and lay international students with tuition funding and stipends that support living expenses. 

named scholarships and fellowships

In addition to numerous STM tuition scholarships, we are fortunate to be able to offer a number of donor-supported named scholarships and fellowships.

Amaturo Cornerstone Fellowship Fund

Baker Arupe Lay Scholarhship Fund

Carpenter Fund

Defritas Fund


Fruscione Foundation Fund

Arlan and Alice Fuller Family Scholarship Fund

Anne M. Kitz Scholarship Fund

Kathryn M. Leonard Memorial Scholarship Fund

Robert E. Manning, S.J. Scholarship Fund

Negri Family Fellowship Fund

L. Douglas Nolan Scholarship Fund

Fr. John O'Malley Scholarship Fund

Raymond Zeitz Fellowship Fund