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School of Theology and Ministry

Funding Your Studies

school of theology and ministry

90% of lay students receive some level of financial aid

The STM is deeply committed to assisting academically qualified students afford an excellent graduate education. Each year, generous funding is provided to new students through several types of financial assistance, supporting those candidates who have the strongest academic credentials, ministerial commitment, and greatest financial need. Prospective students are encouraged to contact the associate dean, Dr. Adam Poluzzi, for questions regarding funding ( or 617-552-6506).

STM Scholarships and Fellowships

By completing and submitting your STM application, you are automatically considered for any scholarships/fellowships for which you may be eligible.  There is not a separate application to be considered for scholarship aid. Tuition scholarships and a limited number of dean's fellowships are offered each year. These awards are based on considerations of academic achievement, potential for ministry, demonstrated leadership, and financial need. They are awarded at the time of admission and are usually renewable at the same level in years following the student’s initial award year, assuming the student’s need and academic standing do not change markedly.

Assistantships and Employment Opportunities

STM students can take advantage of the many possibilities for student employment throughout all of Boston College. The greatest number of these positions are located in administrative offices both in the STM and across campus and require a work commitment of up to 20 hours per week. A separate application process for these assistantships is often required. Both the BC Office of Graduate Student Life and the BC Office of Student Services maintain a listing of potential assistantships and work-study positions open to Boston College graduate students.  Please note: the hiring process for on-campus assistantship positions is very competitive.

Federal Student Loans

The Office of Student Services at Boston College provides the option for students to apply for federal financial aid (loans and work-study). There is a separate application process for federal financial. Two forms are required as part of the federal financial aid application process, the FAFSA and the BC Graduate Student Financial Aid Form. Both of these forms must be filled out in order for the Office of Student Services to create a loan package for you. Learn more about federal student loans.

 Please note: You do not need to file these forms if you are only interested in being considered for potential scholarships, fellowships, and graduate assistantships.

Cost of Attendance

STM Tuition rate per credit 2016-2017: 
$1,024 per credit

Estimate of student expenses 2016-2017
Tuition and fees: $24,676 (24 credits at $1,024 per credit plus $100 in fees)

Rent and utilities: $11,000
Meals: $3,500

Transportation: $2,000

Personal expenses: $4,900

Books: $1,500

Total: $47,576