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School of Theology and Ministry

Khaled Anatolios

professor of historical theology, professor ordinarius

Khaled Anatolios

Contact Information | 617-552-6512
9 Lake Street, Room 323


B.A., M.A., S.T.L., Ph.D. (Boston College)

Areas of Interest

Early Christian Theology (Greek fathers, Augustine, Patristic Exegesis), Contemporary Trinitarian Theology and Christology, Eastern Christianity, Moslem-Christian Dialogue


Professor of Historical Theology at the School of Theology and Ministry and the Department of Theology, College of Arts and Sciences/Professor Ordinarius, Ecclesiastical Faculty. Khaled Anatolios is the author of Retrieving Nicaea: The Development and Meaning of Trinitarian Doctrine (Baker Academic, 2011); the Athanasius volume of the Routledge Early Church Fathers series (2004); Athanasius. The Coherence of his Thought (Routledge: 1998 & 2004); and is the editor of The Holy Trinity in the Life of the Church (Baker Academic, 2014). He is presently serving on the Board of Directors of the North American Patristics Society and the Pappas Patristics Institute at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology and is an elected American delegate to the Association Internationale D’Études Patristiques/International Association of Patristic Studies.

He was recently awarded a Henry Luce III Fellowship in Theology (2011-2012) for which he is completing a manuscript tentatively entitled, Deification Through the Cross. An Eastern Christian Soteriology.


Fall 2014

Spring 2015

Other Courses:
TM 506- Fundamental Theology
TM 673- Seminar: The Cross in Christian Salvation
TM 724- Augustine
TM 828- Irenaeus and Origen
TM 519- Development of Trinitarian Doctrine
TM 536- Contemporary Trinitarian Theologies
TM 703- Christology and Trinity in Theology of von Balthasar
TM 719- Seminar: Gregory of Nyssa
TM 741- Classics of Early Christian Theology
TM 811- Development of Christological Doctrine

Recent Publications

“The Soteriological Grammar of Patristic Christology,” The Thomist (forthcoming)

“Personhood, Communion, and the Trinity: A Reconsideration of some Patristic Texts,” The Holy Trinity in the Life of the Church, ed. K. Anatolios (Forthcoming: Baker Academic, 2014)

‘Christ the Power and Wisdom of God’: Biblical Exegesis and Polemical Intertextuality in Athanasius’s Orations against the Arians,”  Journal of Early Christian Studies 21.4 (2013) 503-535.

Interiority and Extroversion in Biblical Trinitarian Faith in Augustine’s De Trinitate,The Bible and the Church Fathers: The Liturgical Context of Patristic Exegesis. Letter and Spirit 7 (2012), 173-190.

Retrieving Nicaea: The Development and Meaning of Trinitarian Doctrine (Baker Academic, 2011) [, Baker Publishing]

Canonicity in the Context of Trinitarian Doctrine,” The Oxford Handbook of the Trinity, ed. M. Levering and G. Émery (Oxford University Press, 2011) 15-27.

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The Church as Trinitarian Icon: Patristic Wisdom for Today’s Church,Logos: A Journal of Eastern Christian Studies 49 (2008) 263-277

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