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School of Theology and Ministry

Matt Schweitzer ’07, M.T.S. ’18

master of theological studies program

Matt Schweitzer

As he moved through the ranks at a downtown Boston bank, Matt Schweitzer was becoming more engaged with his Catholic faith. He wondered if he might be able to find work more closely connected to the Church. Taking a class with the late Father Daniel Harrington, S.J., at the STM in 2013 spurred his interest in learning more theology, and it sparked a new idea: “I thought: what if I worked in finance for the Church?”  

Today, Schweitzer is a parish services consultant for the Archdiocese of Boston, helping Greater Boston parishes and Catholic schools with staffing, financial analysis, loans, and more. Meanwhile, he’s pursuing a Master in Theological Studies, taking classes before he goes to work and studying in the evenings. His academic life, he says, enhances his daily interactions with pastors and business managers. “Relationships are extremely important in what I do, and when they see that I’m really invested in the mission of the Church, it completely changes the dynamic of the relationship,” Schweitzer says. “It’s important for the people working in finance to really understand the Faith, and the STM is helping me become more familiar with the Church’s mission.”