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School of Theology and Ministry

Kate Mahon, M.T.S. ’10

ph.d. candidate in liturgical studies at the university of notre dame

Kate Mahon

When Kate Mahon came to the STM in 2008, she had an undergraduate degree in medieval history, but she had, in her own words, “no theological training whatsoever.” Her initial nerves quickly wore off, however. “The community at the school was so welcoming and respecting of where I was on my faith journey,” she says.

Mahon remembers a community of peers and teachers that was remarkable for its diversity. “It was really wonderful to be able to learn in community, pray in community, and socialize in community with people from all over the world and from every age group,” she says. This wide range of viewpoints helped her frame her own studies in a global context. “You really felt like what you were studying could help the Church—both the Church that you were involved in locally and the greater Church.” The classes she shared with students in the more pastorally oriented M.Div. and M.A. programs also “helped to put academic studies in a larger perspective of serving others and serving the Church.”

Now in her fifth year of a Ph.D. in Liturgical Studies at Notre Dame, Mahon is on the other side of the podium, teaching an Introduction to Theology survey class to undergraduates and finishing her dissertation on the history of the Lord’s Prayer.