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School of Theology and Ministry

Joint Degrees

school of theology and ministry

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Catholic Educational Leadership Programs

The School of Theology and Ministry (STM) and the Lynch School of Education (LSOE) have partnered to offer joint degree programs in Catholic Educational Leadership across the educational spectrum, from schools K–12 to institutions of higher education. These degree opportunities offer the convenience and cost effectiveness of other master's degrees in the fields of education and religious education, while offering the student the opportunity to integrate studies in school or university administration with courses in Catholic mission, culture, theology, and ministry.

The M.A. in Higher Education, Catholic University Leadership

concentration is for those aspiring to careers in educational administration in Catholic colleges and universities and who wish to embrace their distinctive mission and culture.  The M.A. is housed in the Lynch School of Education.

Credits and Course Distribution

Level 1 – Core
Higher Education in American Society – three credit hours

Level II – Foundation Courses – nine credit hours (six at LSOE and three at STM)

Level III – Research – three credit hours

Practicum – three credit hours

Electives at STM – 12 credit hours

The M.Ed. in Educational Leadership and Catholic School Leadership

will prepare those with little background in educational administration for the principalship or presidency of Catholic schools. The degree emphasizes theoretical and practical experiences in educational leadership while empowering graduates to promote a mission-based ethos in their schools.  This M.Ed. is housed in the Lynch School of Education.

Credits and Course Distribution

Total credits 40: 30 LSOE credits, 10 STM credits

LSOE Required Courses in Educational Leadership (18 credits)

  • Foundations of Educational Administration (three credits)
  • Human Resources Administration (three credits)
  • Ethics and Equity in Education (three credits)
  • Curriculum Leadership (three credits)
  • Instructional Supervision (three credits)
  • Integrative Seminar in Catholic Educational Leadership (three credits)

Licensure requirements (12 credits)

Those desiring state license in educational administration would take either Principalship or Administration of Local School Systems (three credits), plus a two-semester Practicum, either in the Principalship or in the Superintendency/Presidency (six credits), as well as the Seminar in Educational Administration (three credits).

Electives for those not seeking Licensure (12 credits)

Those not working toward state license in school administration would nonetheless take either Principalship or the Superintendency course (three credits). They may also take the two-semester Practicum in their respective area, and the one-semester Seminar in Educational Administration, or fill their credit requirements with other elective courses in the menu of educational administration courses, or in other Lynch School courses.

Required Courses at STM (10 credits)

  • Foundations of Religious Education
  • Either Life Span Faith Development or Psychology of Religious Development
  • Either Theology and Practice of Lay Ministry or Elective in Spirituality
  • Holistic Formation/Personal Spiritual Development
  • Synthesis Project (comprehensive exam)