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School of Theology and Ministry

Non-Degree and Certificate Programs

school of theology and ministry

Detailed descriptions of our non-degree programs can be found by clicking on the links below.  For application information, please visit the Admissions section of our website.

Academic Certificate Programs

Certificate in Theology and Ministry
The Certificate in Theology and Ministry is an 18-credit program for individuals who wish to study a specialized area of ministry, but not enroll in a full master’s program.

Certificate in Hispanic Ministry

The Certificate in Hispanic Ministry is a program designed to prepare students, ministers, and educators who are already working or are interested in doing so in the context of Hispanic communities throughout the United States.

Certificate in Religious Education

Supervised Practicum in Spiritual Direction

The Supervised Practicum in Spiritual Direction is designed for those interested in a thorough introduction to the practice of spiritual direction within the Catholic tradition.

Summer @ STM

Post-Master's Certificate in Spiritual Formation
A three-year intensive program of study to enhance one’s ability to mentorthe spiritual lives of individuals and Christian faith communities.  The program takes place each year during Session 2 of the Summer Institute.

Summer Coursework
Summer @ STM brings together leading U.S. and international theologians to provide a rich array of learning opportunities in conversation with liturgies, seminars, and off-campus activities.

Individual Courses

Special Student Status
Special Students at Boston College are students wishing to take 1 or more classes in the academic year. As a Special Student at STM you may earn academic credit without enrolling in a degree program. Regular tuition applies and up to 12 credit hours may be taken. Should you later enroll in a degree program, the credits you earn will count toward your degree. Special Students may cross-register at other BTI schools, as long as they take one course at STM. Special Students are also allowed to take courses for audit for one-half of the credit cost.

The STM offers a special audit rate for those currently engaged in full-time ministry (ministers, lay ecclesial ministers, priests, rabbis, and others) who live in the New England area. Minister-in-the-Vicinity students can audit one course per academic year semester at the rate of $100 per credit ($200 per 2-credit course or $300 per 3-credit course).

Continuing Education

Conferences, Lectures, Workshops, Seminar Series
STM welcomes all as part of our commitment to making contemporary theological discussion accessible to the community. Many events are free of charge and others have a small fee.

STM Online: Crossroads

STM Online: Crossroads offers online courses to support the ongoing formation of Catholic adults and parish volunteers, as well as the professional development of Catholic school teachers and professional lay ministers.