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William F. Connell School of Nursing

Grant Process Overview

office for nursing research

What are the steps I take to begin a grant application once I have found a funding source?

  1. Be sure to download the most recent version of the sponsor’s guidelines. Closely follow the application guidelines in preparing the proposal paying attention to formatting requirements, copies required, assurances & certifications required, etc.
  2. Prepare a “to do” list from the application including a time line taking note of OSP and sponsor deadlines for submission. Some of the common requirements include Face Page, Abstract, Bio-Sketch, Table of Contents, Detailed or Modular Budget, Resources, Checklist, Human Subjects, Animal Subjects.
  3. Print and prepare BC required forms:
  4. Prepare your budget. You should provide a draft of your budget to OSP as soon as possible in the process to avoid delays. Elements of budget consist of:
    • Direct Costs: Costs that can be identified specifically with the project i.e. salaries / wages and fringe benefits. Updated fringe benefits can be found at /content/bc/research/osp.html. Other direct costs are outlined in “developing a budget.”
    • Indirect Costs: Facilities & Administrative Costs. Costs that are incurred for common or joint objectives and cannot be identified specifically with a particular project. Updated rates found on OSP website /research/osp.html. If a sponsor has an F&A rate policy, the University will accept that policy in determining the F&A rate. Need to know what are F&A Costs? How do I know what rate to use?  Helpful information found on OSP website:  /research/osp/faqs.html#whatfa
    • Cost-Sharing (if applicable): See PI Handbook page 19. /content/bc/content/dam/files/research/pdf/FinalCostSharePolicy.pdf
  5. Complete your proposal. Tips for writing your proposal can be found at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services:
  6. Obtain all necessary University signatures.
  7. Deliver completed proposal and one copy to OSP contact 5 business days before proposal deadline. OSP Staff found here: /research/osp/staff.html
  8. If the proposal is NOT an on-line submission, you will be responsible for actually submitting the proposal to the sponsor to meet their deadline.


What do all the grant terms mean?  F&A, Direct Costs, Cost-Sharing, Just-In-Time?

Grant definitions:


Creating a bio-sketch:

Read grant guidelines for specifics on page-limitations and content of your bio-sketch.  If no specifics are given you can use the NIH bio-sketch found here:

Helpful Links:

This page links to PDF files. Use this link to download Adobe Reader if needed.