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William F. Connell School of Nursing

Undergraduate Research Fellows 2009-2010

william f. connell school of nursing


Nancy Allen Shiva Moshtagh
Angela Amar Erin Kesler
Maria Cardiello
Darling Rameau
Stacey Barone Katherine Waters
Ann Burgess

Ashley Thibodeau
Julie Visk

Rosanna DeMarco Cindy Arteaga
Kim Ramjattan
Susan Gennaro Minh Nguyen
Katherine Gregory Kristin Stobo
Guru Shan
Amy McGinty
Allyssa Harris
June Horowitz &
Christine Murphy
Sania Beckford
Nicole Mathe
Hannah Meagher
Susan Kelly-Weeder Nadia Bachiri
Joyce Pulcini Molly Byrnes
Cathy Read Holly Lopes
Sr. Callista Roy Elizabeth Long
Elizabeth Johnson


Mary Lou Siefert
Katherine Reicher
Kelly Stamp
Taylor Ricketson
Catherine Ferreira
Melissa Sutherland
Kathryn Boyle
Patricia Tabloski Bethany Sheppard
Briana Zelinski
Kathleen Manty
Judith Vessey Catherine Walker
Kellyn Freed
Margie O'Connor
Danny Willis
Elyse Jones
Barbara Wolfe Jillian Cherry
Ariana Chao
Caitlin Coveney
Robin Wood Jacqueline Clancy
Allison Kopp
Lichuan Ye
Michael Manasia

cindy arteaga

Cindy Arteaga

Cindy has worked with Dr. Rosanna DeMarco, translating a film on women living with HIV/AIDS (Women's Voices Women's Lives) into Spanish to reach out to the Latin community. She is also assisting in a study on bullying, harassment and horizontal violence from a nursing perspective, along with the production of a film on the topic. She believes the film will be great for nurses, students, and other professionals to raise awareness and make the workplace a healthier environment.

nadia bachiri

Nadia Bachiri '10

Nadia is in her second year as an undergraduate research fellow and she will be working with Professor Kelly-Weeder researching binge eating.


Sania Beckford '11

Sania is in her first year as an undergraduate research fellow, working with Dr. Angela Amar on a research study focusing on the availability and utilization of campus resources for college women to promote help seeking behaviors (i.e. reporting relationship violence or date/acqaintance forced sex). Availability and utilization of resources to promote help seeking behaviors will be viewed from both an administrative as well as a college student perspective.


Kathryn Boyle '11

Kathryn is currently working with Professor Melissa Sutherland on a project titled "Nutritional Screening in 3-5 Year Olds in Rural Jamaica."


Molly Byrnes '11

Molly will be working with Professor Joyce Pulcini this semester to finish a re-write of the financial aspects of health care. She will also be assisting with a project focusing on the collaboration of school nurses and students with asthma.


Maria Cardiello '11

Maria is currently working with Dr. Angela Amar on several research projects, including how college campuses respond to sexual assault and other forms of interpersonal violence.

ariana chao

Ariana Chao '10

Ariana is currently she is a member of the Eating Disorders Research Team. She is interested in psychiatric/mental health nursing as well as aging across the lifespan.

jillian cherry

Jillian Cherry '10

Jillian is an undergraduate in the School of Arts and Sciences class of 2010. She is a Psychology major and Women's Studies minor.


Jacquelyn Clancy '11

Jacquelyn is in her second year working under Dr. Robin Wood, assisting with her research in breast cancer risk appraisal in elderly women. After she graduates, Jacquelyn hopes to pursue a master's degree to become a nurse practitioner.

Caitlin Coveney '11

Caitlin is currently working on the Eating Disorders Research Team under Dr. Barbara Wolfe.


Catherine Ferreira '10

Catherine is working in conjunction with Dr. Kelly Stamp to research the efficacy of telehealth in improving treatment compliance in adults with congestive heart failure.


Kellen Freed '11

Kellyn is in her first year as an undergraduate research fellow; she will be working with Dr. Judith Vessey researching teasing and bullying.

elizabeth johnson

Elizabeth Johnson

Elizabeth will be working with Sister Callista Roy this year, helping her to put together a database of accredited nursing degree programs that use the Roy Adaptation Model in their theory teaching.


Elyse Jones '11

erin kesler ugrf web

Erin Kesler '11

Erin is an undergraduate student in the Connell School of Nursing. She is currently working with Dr. Angela Amar on two research studies concerning domestic violence. One of the studies is focused on bystander intervention, to better prevent situations of potential domestic violence/ rape. The other study is focused on college campus response to domestic violence situations.


Allison Kopp '10

Allison is in her first year working with Robin Wood. She will be collecting and sorting data to research whether or not simulation labs help students perform better on competency exams.

elizabeth long ugrf web

Elizabeth Long '10

Elizabeth is working under Sister Callista Roy to update the literature review (2001-2009) of primary sources that used the Roy Adaptation Model as an underpinning theory.


Holly Lopes '10

Holly is currently working with Associate Dean for the Undergraduate Program Catherine Read on planning and implementing activities for the "Keys to Inclusive Leadership in Nursing" (KILN) program. The KILN program is designed to prepare nursing students from disadvantaged backgrounds (including underrepresented racial/ethnic minorities) to enter the public health nursing workforce as leaders with the inherent capacity to make a difference in local communities.

Michael Manasia '11

Michael is currently working with Dr. Lichuan Ye and researching sleep apnea.

Kathleen Manty

Kathleen will be working this year with Associate Dean for Graduate Programs Pat Tabloski in palliative care in advanced nursing practices. After she graduates, she hopes to work in geriatric nursing.

nicole mathe

Nicole Mathe

Nicole continues her work on The CARE Project this year. The CARE Project aims to improve communication and relation between post-partum mothers and their infants. The study is now in its final stages and Nicole has been checking the vast data collected over the last semester. This year, she will help to prepare the data for review and presentation as the project nears completion.

Amy McGinty '11

Amy is working with Dr. Katherine Gregory. The research project involves studying the effects of nutrition on the development of the premature gastrointestinal system in infants. She is currently entering the data gathered in the hospital into a computerized database.

Hannah Meagher '11

Hannah is in her first year as an undergraduate research fellow and she will be working with Chris Murphy on the the CARE study.

Shiva Moshtagh '11

Shiva will be working with Dr. Nancy Allen on analyzing data and publishing results from two different studies. The first study involves an examination of normative data from three new behavioral instruments that measure gastric bypass patients target behaviors, distress and perceived surgical benefits. The second study involves problem-solving skills to counsel women with type 2 diabetes in order to change their physical activity behavior.

minh nguyen ugrf web

Minh Nguyen

Minh is currently working with Dean Gennaro and Dr. Fehder. There are many kinds of research that she is interested in and wants to explore, and she previously worked at the Partners Health Care Research Center as a research assistant. Mihn is excited to be working with Dean Gennaro because the dean is not limited to just one type of work; she has a lot of different projects going on and it is such a great learning experience.

margie o'connor

Margie O'Connor '10

Margie is helping Dr. Judith Vessey with the finishing touches of the 5th edition of her book, Primary Care of the Child with a Chronic Condition. She is currently working with Dr. Vessey researching bullying in the nursing profession.

Darling Rameau

Kimberly Ramjattan

Kim Ramjattan

Kim has worked with Dr. Rosanna DeMarco on a secondary prevention study on women living with HIV/AIDS. She is also assisting in a film intervention study on bullying in the workplace, and believes that film is a great intervention that has the potential to reach a diverse group of people.

katherine reicher

Katherine Reicher '10

Katherine is interested in oncology and life across the age span. Currently, she is working with Dr. Mary Lou Siefert to identify the costs associated advanced practice nursing and psychiatric liaison nursing, and their relation to the quality of life and health care utilization rates in women with gynecological cancers.

Taylor Ricketson

Gururaj Shan '12

 Gururaj will be assisting Dr. Gregory with specimen collection at Brigham and Women's Hospital for her study of nectrotizing enterocolitis.

bethany sheppard

Bethany Sheppard

Bethany works with Associate Dean Pat Tabloski. She is interested in palliative care research, and has worked on designing an online survey for NP clinicians in palliative care settings; critiquing current research related to ethical, legal, and clinical issues related to palliative care; cataloguing literature; and assisting the palliative care team in clerical and organizational tasks.

Kristin Stobo

Kristin has been involved with a project studying thermoregulation of the late preterm infant (infants born between 35 and 37 weeks gestation). In collaboration with nurses at Brigham and Women's Hospital, Kristin has helped coordinate the literature review for this project, supported the research design, and ultimately will help with the clinical data collection.

Ashley Thibodeau '12

Ashley is in her first year working as an undergraduate research fellow for Dr. Ann Burgess researching child internet safety. This year they will be working to profile the internet predators to help police identify them more effectively.

Julie Visk

Julie Visk '10

Julie has worked the past three years as an undergraduate research fellow for Dr. Ann Burgess researching child internet safety. She and Dr. Burgess recently published an article about pornography users, paying particular attention to the allure of child pornography for people in positions of power.

Catherine Walker '11

Catherine is beginning her first year working with Judith Vessey on developing educational teaching modules for analyzing experimental and descriptive research journal articles.

katherine waters

Katherine Waters

Katherine is beginning her third year working with Dr. Stacey Barone on adaptation to spinal cord injury. Specifically, she is helping to review the literature on the biopsychosocial effects of spinal cord injury, and write a literature review. She has also been assisting in various other aspects of the research process, with the goal of publishing in the near future.

briana zelinski

Briana Zelinski '10

Briana is currently working with Associate Dean Pat Tabloski on palliative care research.