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William F. Connell School of Nursing

RN to MS Option

william f. connell school of nursing

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The RN to master's option enables registered nurses without a baccalaureate degree in nursing to obtain the MS degree, and prepares them for advanced practice nursing.

Our RN/MS students come from diverse backgrounds. They may possess a diploma, an associate degree in nursing, an associate or bachelor's degree in another field, or various course credits acquired over time. All applicants, however, must have approximately 112 credits accrued. Approximately 42 credits should be under the category of general education with the remaining credits accrued from specialty knowledge related to the nursing major. Students already possessing a non-nursing BS or BA degree will have their general education requirements waived. In addition, applicants must demonstrate leadership potential, motivation, interest in a specific clinical specialty, and an excellent academic record.

Students are allowed up to six years to complete the option, including any leaves of absence (excluding military leave). The length of the program will vary because of the need of some students to engage in part-time study before and during graduate study.

Please note that a baccalaureate degree is NOT awarded by Boston College.

Students interested in this option should review the requirements as outlined in our RN to MS Applicant Overview.


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