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William F. Connell School of Nursing

Master's Program Objectives and Professional Standards

william f. connell school of nursing


Master's Program Objectives


1.  Implement a philosophy of nursing congruent with the Judeo-Christian values that support the intrinsic worth of each human being.

2.  Synthesize theory, research, and values within a conceptual framework to guide advanced practice nursing in a specialized area.

3.  Integrate knowledge from science and the humanities to generate diagnostic, therapeutic, and ethical nursing & healthcare.

4.  Develop organizational and systems leadership skills to promote critical decision making supporting high quality and safe patient care.

5.  Apply methods, instruments and performance measures and standards for quality improvement within an organization.

6.  Use evidence-based research findings to inform clinical practice, promote change and disseminate new knowledge.

7.  Utilize technology to deliver, enhance, communicate, integrate, and coordinate care.

8.  Intervene at the system level through policy development and advocacy strategies to influence health and health care.

9.  Collaborate, consult and coordinate continuity of care with clients and other health professionals regarding prevention and strategies that improve the health of individuals, families, and populations in a diverse and global society.



Continuous improvement through assessment

The Connell School has a systematic plan for ongoing assessment of the master’s nursing program. The master’s program outcomes, along with the professional standards and guidelines listed below, shape the curriculum.

Assessment data are used to ensure that ‘best practices’ in nursing education are employed. In addition to these efforts the graduate nursing program maintains its accreditation by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

CCNE accredidation dates for Boston College are September 27, 2008 - December 31, 2018.


Master's program professional standards and guidelines


Nurse Anesthetist Program Standards: 

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