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William F. Connell School of Nursing

Mary Lou Siefert, DNSc, AOCN

assistant professor - adult health

Mary Lou Siefert


Cushing Hall 424

educational history

  • DNSc Yale University School of Nursing
  • MSN Yale University School of Nursing
  • MBA Fordham University
  • BS Emmanuel College

selected publications

  • Liu, S., Siefert, M. L., Ercolano, E., & McCorckle, R. (2010). Patterns of symptoms in women after gynecologic surgery. Oncology Nursing Forum, 37, 133-140.
  • Siefert, M. L. (2010). Fatigue, pain and functional status during outpatient chemotherapy. Oncology Nursing Forum, 37, 114-123.
  • McCorkle, R., Dowd, M., Ercolano, Schulman-Green, D., Williams, A., Siefert, M.L., Steiner, J., Schwartz, P. (2009). Effects of a nursing intervention on quality of life outcomes in post-surgical women with gynecological cancers. Psycho-Oncology, 1, 62-70.
  • Siefert, M.L., Williams, A., Dowd, M.F., Chappel-Aiken, L., McCorkle, R. (2008). The caregiving experience in a racially diverse sample of cancer family caregivers. Cancer Nursing: An International Journal for Cancer Care, 31, 399-407.
  • McCorkle, R, Siefert, ML, Dowd, M, Robinson, J, Pickett, M (2007). Effects of advanced practice nursing on patient and spouse depressive symptoms, sexual function, and marital interaction after radical prostatectomy. Urologic Nursing. 27(1), 65-77.
  • Siefert ML (2007) Fatigue, pain, and functional status in patients receiving outpatient chemotherapy. Oncology Nursing Forum.  34, 181.
  • Siefert, ML (November, 2005). Relationship of fatigue, pain and functional status in people who were receiving chemotherapy. Doctoral Dissertation. Supported by funding from Sigma Theta Tau-Delta Mu Chapter.
  • Siefert, ML (2002). Concept analysis of comfort.  Nursing Forum, 37, 16-23.

Dr. Mary Lou Siefert has been an oncology nurse for almost 3 decades and has held various positions caring for people with cancer and their families.  She was most recently involved with opening a new multidisciplinary clinic and providing advanced practice nursing care for survivors of cancer at a major academic medical center in the Northeast.  She is also a board member of the Connecticut Coalition to Improve End of Life Care, an organization whose mission is to improve the quality of end-of-life care through education, research, practice and public policy, and she has been a hospice home care nurse for the past several years.

Dr. Siefert’s research interests and work have involved studying the short and long term symptom experience of people with cancer, the family’s experiences, and the role(s) that advanced practice nurses can take to address and intervene to mitigate symptoms and to support family members.  She has examined concurrent symptoms and functional status in persons receiving chemotherapy treatments, and her latest research has included examining the experience of minority family caregivers of people being treated for cancer.  As well, she is interested in the efficiency of information systems and methodologies to use data gathered in the normal course of clinical care for research purposes, specifically in the area of symptoms and quality of life.  

Dr. Siefert received her diploma in nursing from Grace New School of Nursing in New Haven, CT, her BS from Emmanuel College in Boston, an MBA from Fordham University and her MSN and DNSc from Yale University.

research interests

Nursing impact on quality of life outcomes in ovarian cancer, long term survivors of cervical cancer and minority family caregivers; cognitive function in women with induced menopause; effects of cancer in long term survivors of childhood cancer

appointments & awards

  • Board member, education committee, annual conference chairperson - Connecticut Coalition to Improve End of Life Care