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Additional Publications

William Fehder, PhD, CRNA

  • Fehder, W. (2008) Nursing care and management of pathological oral conditions among women and children. MCN, American Journal of Maternal Child Nursing, 33 (1), 38-44.
  • Fehder, W., Tuluc, F. Ho, W., & Douglas, S. (2007). Macrophages. In G. Fink (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Stress (2nd ed.). San Diego, CA: Academic Press.
  • Fehder, W. (2003). Where are the new perioperative nurses? Journal of Professional Nursing, 19 (5), 249-250.
  • Fehder, W. (2003). Nurse Anesthetists: Evolution From Critical Care Practioners to Anesthesia Providers. In M. Mezey, D. McGivern & E. Sullivan Marx (Eds.), Nurses, Nurse Practitioners: Evolution to Advanced Practice (4th ed.) (pp. 269-283). New York: Springer.