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William F. Connell School of Nursing

Mission & Vision

roy adaptation association

Mission Statement

The Roy Adaptation Association positions itself to face the challenge of leading the human community to healthy person and environment integration. Members develop and promote knowledge that focuses human coping capabilities for personal well being and for creating and enhancing the well being of the earth and all creation. The organization recognizes that the challenge to link developing knowledge to practice requires networks and support systems capable of transforming systems at the individual, institutional, and societal levels. It accepts the mandate that technology can provide a tool for effecting education, practice and research in the direction of fulfilling the vision of the association.

The principles, values and action plans of the organization are based on the themes being discovered in the universe, those that have worked to evolve our current world and that will work to create the next era. These themes extend the concept of adaptation and include diversity, unity, and self-identity.

Vision Statement

The RAA exists to contribute to the on-going creation of nursing as a scholarly practice discipline. With strong beliefs and hopes about the meaning and purposefulness of human nature, the organization focuses on understanding and enhancing adaptation for the good of humanity. Adaptation is viewed as the process and outcome whereby thinking and feeling persons, as individuals and groups, use conscious awareness and choice to create human and environmental integration. A perspective of cosmic unity, that is, a concern for the common patterns and integral relationships of persons and the earth, distinguish RAA. Based on this value-based stance the group strives to extend the social mandate of nursing beyond using specialized knowledge for the social good, to creating and realizing a new vision of society for the 21st Century. Nursing is in a position to encounter a world in transition and using principles and values articulated in literature on the Roy Adaptation Model to guide social change that reflects a vision of diversity, unity, and self-identify. RAA values the voice of each member in articulating the vision, fulfilling the mission, and defining the goals and strategies for the organization.

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