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William F. Connell School of Nursing

Featured Faculty

william f. connell school of nursing


Judith Vessey, Ph.D., DPNP, M.B.A., FAAN

Judith A. Vessey, PhD, RN, DPNP, MBA, FAAN is the inaugural holder of the Leila Holden Carroll Endowed Professor, which attracts outstanding teachers and researchers to the Connell School. Dr. Vessey is a developmental pediatric nurse practitioner and a leading nurse researcher in the field of developmental pediatrics with a specialty in school health. Throughout her career she has focused on caring for children with, or at risk for, chronic conditions, and has been able to influence children’s health outcomes through practice, research, and teaching. Dr. Vessey’s current research focuses on teasing and bullying.


Sr. Callista Roy, Ph.D., RN, FAAN

Callista L. Roy, PhD, RN, FAAN is a professor and nurse theorist at the Connell School, best known for her work on the Roy adaptation model of nursing. Her other scholarly work includes conceptualizing and measuring coping and developing the philosophical basis for the adaptation model and for the epistemology of nursing. Roy has been named a Living Legend by the American Academy of Nursing and the Massachusetts Registered Nurses Association, and her works have been translated into many languages and studied internationally. Her current clinical research is an intervention study to involve lay study partners in cognitive recovery of patients with mild head injury.