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William F. Connell School of Nursing

Kelleher Award

connell school alumni

The Dean Rita P. Kelleher Award recognizes an alumnus/a of the Connell School of Nursing (CSON) who represents the BC Nurse. Following in Kelleher's footsteps, the recipient must be an accomplished nursing leader, an ethically aware scientist, and a skilled and inquisitive clinician.


Mimi Pomerleau, M.S. '95                                                                                                Awarded June 1, 2013


Mairead Hickey '72                                                                                                Awarded June 1, 2012


Ann Riley Finck '66                                                                                                Awarded June 3, 2011


Genevieve V. Foley '66                                                                                            Awarded June 5, 2010


Elizabeth (Betsy) Brown '85                                                                               Awarded May 30, 2009


About Dean Rita Kelleher

Dean Rita Kelleher

Dean Kelleher came to Boston College as the nursing school's first faculty member in September 1947. Just six months later, she was named dean, a role she held for two decades until she resigned in 1968. With the exception of a one-year stint as acting dean, she returned to full-time teaching and retired in 1973 after a 26-year association with the School. In 1987, Chancellor J. Donald Monan, S.J., then president, named Kelleher dean emeritus. Dean Kelleher died on November 2, 2009 at the age of 101, leaving a legacy that is still felt today.