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UCLA Dean Shares Path to Leadership

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Courtney H. Lyder, ND, ScD (Hon), FAAN, Dean, UCLA School of Nursing

Pictured: Courtney H. Lyder, Dean, UCLA School of Nursing


Courtney H. Lyder, Dean of the UCLA School of Nursing, took guests on his educational and professional journey during his presentation on March 31, “To Dream Again: Lessons from My Mentors.”

Dr. Lyder, was the featured guest of the eighth session of the Pinnacle Lecture Series, a Connell School program that brings a recognized nursing leader to Boston College each semester to address issues at the forefront of health care today.

“No one can define what success is except you,” proclaimed Lyder during his speech, in which he gave an overview of what he called ‘a path less taken.’

Lyder, who was born in Trinidad and Tobago, talked about his road to success, and shared the lessons that he learned from his own mentors, one of whom, his mother, and how they shaped his worldview. He also touched upon the future of nursing.

“If we work collectively in nursing, we will advance health,” Lyder said.

Photo of Lyder speaking

Courtney H. Lyder, ND, ScD (Hon), FAAN, is the Dean of UCLA School of Nursing and Professor of Nursing, Geriatric Medicine and Public Health. He is also Assistant Director of the UCLA Health System, and Executive Director of UCLA Health System Patient Safety Institute.

Dr. Courtney H. Lyder

During the day leading up to Dr. Lyder’s presentation, Connell School nursing students and faculty had the opportunity to meet with him in small groups in Cushing Hall.

“There are no mistakes,” Lyder told a group of Master’s students during a breakfast event, as they discussed their future aspirations in the nursing field. “That’s how you find yourself.”

Dr. Courtney H. Lyder talking to students

Dr. Lyder has written more than 200 journal articles and book chapters and has been awarded more than $22 million in research and training grants during his 25-year academic nursing career. A fellow of the American Academy of Nursing and the New York Academy of Medicine, he received the President’s Award from the National League of Nursing and an honorary doctorate from Saint Xavier University in 2012. The previous year, U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius appointed him to the National Advisory Council for Nursing Research. Lyder’s clinical research focuses on chronic care issues affecting older adults.


You can watch Courtney Lyder’s entire lecture courtesy of Front Row.

- O. Angela Bowser, CSON Communications Specialist