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William F. Connell School of Nursing

Paskausky was the featured speaker at a Grad Talk

Connell News

M.S. Ph.D. student Anna L. Paskausky was the featured speaker at a Grad Talk.

In Paskausky’s own words,

“This talk explores the intersection of living in sometimes-conflicting worlds with integrity: healthcare and academia, faith and science, and risk-taking and prudence.  I will describe a circuitous path to the intersection of my interests in theology, science, healing and being useful which have come to fruition here at BC.  As Yale Divinity School drop-out-turned-nurse-turned-scientist, I will share the struggle between science and faith, between clinical practice and research as well as between the safety of status quo and the danger of innovation.  Through examples of experiences with patients and the scholarship I hope will someday help them, I offer my passionate analysis of a timeless, sacred and scientific phenomenon, healing, and how it transverses the many worlds we inhabit.”

Grad Talks is a graduate student colloquium at Boston College.  Inspired by Ted Talks and sponsored by the Office of Graduate Student Life, University Libraries, & GSA, 9 graduate students will present at this event and share a particular topic about which they are passionate, whether it be academic research, an experience abroad, a lesson learned through a life event, or anything else!  Each talk will last either 7 or 15 minutes and will be presented in a manner understandable to those without expertise in that field. Learn more about Grad Talks here.