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William F. Connell School of Nursing

Harris awarded a RIG

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Allyssa Harris

Assistant Professor Allyssa Harris was granted funding through Boston College’s Research Incentive Grant (RIG) program for her research on Urban Literature.

The focus of Harris’ research project is to develop an urban lit story with embedded health messages. To accomplish this, she has recruited teens for a focus group to develop the story and intends to work with an urban lit writer to help with the story development and actual writing of the novel. The goal is to have the book be used as part of a teen sexual health/education intervention program as part of a book club.

Urban literature is a genre of coming of age stories that are often set in urban, low-income neighborhoods and full of graphic and detailed sexual promiscuity, abusive boyfriends, drug dealing, and other criminal behavior. The books are popular among adolescent girls and it is Harris’ thought that these images negatively impact young women and lead them to make destructive decisions. Learn more about urban lit here.

The RIG program is designed to support research carried out directly by the faculty recipient. 16 Research Incentive Grants are available through Boston College annually on a competitive basis, with approximately nine intended primarily for untenured junior faculty to assist them in establishing their research program. Learn more about RIGs here.