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William F. Connell School of Nursing

Diversity workshop

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Dr. Rick Zoucha at a diversity workshop

On April 14, 2010, Boston College's forensic nursing program and KILN program co-hosted diversity consultant Dr. Rick Zoucha at a diversity workshop for Connell School faculty. Dr. Zoucha is an associate professor of nursing at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His research interests include psychiatric mental health, community health, and transcultural nursing.

At the workshop, faculty and administrators learned how to better integrate cultural issues into the nursing curriculum. Among successful techniques discussed was the culture collage, an activity designed by Zoucha and used in his own teaching. This activity involves the entire class in an interactive discussion on the definition of culture as they examine objects or "icons" that hold special significance to the student. These icons are combined to build a collage that celebrates the intricacies of each individual student's cultural background. Additionally, faculty were also presented with a number of ways to effectively promote cultural understanding through increased knowledge and awareness.