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William F. Connell School of Nursing

CSON Faculty Interviewed for BBC Radio 4

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Pamela Grace interviewed by BBC Radio 4's Claudia HammondRecently Associate Professor Pamela Grace, faculty and resident Nurse Ethicist at the William F. Connell School of Nursing, was interviewed by BBC Radio 4's Claudia Hammond (at left) in a series called Mind Changers. The science series looks at the development of the science of psychology during the 20th century.

In her interview  Grace discusses Lawrence Kohlberg, who designed the first experiment to quantify the human capacity for ethical reasoning. This topic is quite close to  Grace, who regularly encourages her doctoral students to incorporate issues of morality and justice-based reasoning into discussions of how nurses are inclined to take action as they develop morally.  One medium through which Grace frames this discussion is through criticisms to Kohlberg's work from Kohlberg's own student, Carol Gilligan. According to Grace, Gilligan's contributions to our understanding of ethical reasoning include a feminist perspective, specifically, that women go about decision making in a relational way. Of course,  Grace says, "we're never immune from more dispassionate decisions ... we do need to be able to do both."

Listen to the entire program at BBC Radio 4 ยป