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William F. Connell School of Nursing

Doctoral Student Presents "Outstanding Poster Presentation"

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Carrie MacLeod

Connell School doctoral student Carrie MacLeod's research presentation was recently recognized at the 19th Annual Scientific Sessions of the Eastern Nursing Research Society (ENRS), Providence, RI. In an annual event concluding the ENRS conference, Carrie was presented with an Award for Outstanding Doctoral Student Poster Presentation, Third Place for her poster titled "The Lived Experience of the Spousal Caregiver of the Postoperative Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery Patient (CABG)."

The purpose of Carrie's study was to gain an understanding of the lived experience of the spousal caregiver of the postoperative CABG patient. "This reflective process allows these caregivers to derive meaning from their life events, and establish how these events inform the caregiving experience," Carrie states. "Improved understanding of the caregiving experience from this perspective will enable nurses to identify the needs of this population and facilitate the delivery of comprehensive care."

To esatablish a framework for understanding the caregiver experience Carrie addressed two questions to her subjects: 1) What is the life pattern manifested by individuals caring for spouses who have had CABG surgery? and 2) What are the common themes of the life patterns across the participants of the study? Using Newman's Health as Expanding Consciousness research methodology as well as phenomenological analysis, Carrie sought to obtain common themes across all of the participants which she then displayed visually in her poster (see above).

As Carrie claims, "A better appreciation of the meaning, pattern and expansion of consciousness in the spousal caregiving experience will provide important information for the development of nursing strategies that may assist spousal caregivers of postoperative CABG patients, and help identify the effects and meaning that the caregiving experience has on their lives."

In addition to receiving a certificate, Carrie's award will be listed in the upcoming issue of Nursing Research.

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