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TALCA Scholarships

teaching academic language in content areas

TALCA Project scholarships have been available through a USDOE Title III grant (2007-2012) to students who have submitted an approved program of study that includes the TELL certificate program requirements.

There will no longer be scholarships available because Project TALCA funding concluded in 2011-12.



There were three components to the scholarships as described below:

Tuition remission
Tuition remission has been awarded for the two required TELL courses (ED 346 and ED 621). The tuition remission funds are awarded when TELL scholarship recipients enroll in the courses: Funds are applied directly to student accounts following the add/drop period of each semester.

Paid Internship
TELL scholarship recipients have had the option of participating in a paid internship during the fall in coordination with their pre-practicum experience.  Interns work 3 days per week in the partner schools. Click for detailed information about internships.

Eligibility Requirements for Scholarships

  • US citizenship
  • Knowledge of a Second Language
    (Undergraduate transcripts will be reviewed for evidence of experience in learning another language.)
  • Acceptance into a Master's Program in Teacher Education at LSOE
  • Submission of an approved program of studies to Prof. Mariela Páez and Title III Director, Dr. Annie Homza

Application Process

  1. Check the appropriate box (TELL certificate program) on the LSOE admissions application (be sure to also address your interest in and experience with bilingual learners in your personal statement).
  2. Once you are accepted into your program, send a letter of intent to Prof. Maria Brisk and contact your advisor to develop an approved program of studies.
  3. Submit a signed copy of your program of studies to Prof. Mariela Páez and Title III Director, Dr. Annie Homza.