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Lynch School of Education

Jamaica Mustard Seed Trip

frequently asked questions

  • What is the Mustard Seed Organization? The Mission Statement of the Mustard Seed Organization is as follows: “Inspired by the healing and caring Ministry of Jesus Christ, we aim through the positive interaction of caring, sharing and training, to uplift the most vulnerable members of society, especially handicapped and abandoned children, and marginalized communities. We are committed to the fostering of homes and communities, which will lead us all to loving service and mutual respect and which will bring us joy, hope and dignity.”

  • What does the Lynch School trip do in Jamaica? Although the trip is run through the School of Education, participants do not travel to Jamaica as teachers.  They engage in a “ministry of presence” and simply offer their time and abilities to the community to help out in any way possible. Most days will include some kind of building or renovation project such as painting, building a wall and even helping to install an irrigation system!  The rest of the time is spent with the children at a number of the apostolates in and around Kingston.  Participants visit some unique Mustard Seed projects as observers, but interact regularly and become involved with the children at one or two homes.

  • Where does the group stay? The group stays at Sophie’s Place, an apostolate just outside Kingston and home to 24 children.  The community shares its food and space with the group, who in turn is responsible for cooking and cleaning up.  Mustard Seed provides transportation to all other locations each day.

  • Is it safe? Although Kingston itself has a high crime rate, Mustard Seed takes very good care of the group and transports them door-to-door every day. The group does not spend time exploring Kingston, but focuses the bulk of their time on working and spending time with the children within the apostolates.

  • What are the trip dates? This trip takes place during spring break.  The trip dates vary every year.

  • Who participates? Approximately 15 students are expected to participate.  Students will be selected based on applications (due in October) and interviews which will be conducted during the following week. Undergraduates and graduate students from any school at Boston College are welcome to apply.

  • Who else is involved in the trip? Dr. Alec Peck, a Lynch School professor of special education, accompanies the group. Two undergraduates who have participated in the trip previously also lead the trip.                            

Please feel free to contact Dr. Alec Peck at or at 552-3149 with any further questions you may have.