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Lynch School of Education

Lynch School Senate

lynch school of education

  1. What is the Senate?
    The Lynch School of Education Undergraduate Senate is the student representative body for the Lynch School.  An ever-growing group of undergraduate students, advised by Dean Audrey Friedman, comprise the Senate and meet each week in Campion.  As a Senate we hope to serve as a connection for the members of the Lynch School community, strengthening that bond that makes our school so special.  We plan several events each semester that bring the members of the community together to celebrate the spirit of education.  The Senate also works to keep students informed of events and important news within the school.  We hope that through our commitment to the Lynch School we are furthering our mission statement of improving the human condition through education.
  • What does the Senate do?
    Senate can do whatever the students think the Lynch School needs.  We meet as a group every Monday evening.  Each semester we publish a student written newsletter, Campion Connection to keep the Lynch School community informed of events and important student issues.  In addition each month we sponsor a program called "Cuisine and Conversation," which gives students the opportunity to enjoy dinner with a professor and to talk to him/her on a less formal level about interesting topics in education and human development.  Additional events that have become annual traditions include, Human Development Alumni Panels, a Quiz Bowl trivia night, an Honoring Teachers program and excursions into the city.  Each April we celebrate Spirit of Education Week which includes a number of exciting events for the Lynch School community. Since the Senate represents the student body, we are always looking for new events and would love your input with any ideas!
  •  How Can I Get Involved?
    If you would like to get involved with the Lynch School of Education Undergraduate Senate please e-mail      

2012-2013 Officers

Jess Shapiro '14 and Rebecca Schollmeyer '15 Co-Presidents

You can find more information on the ODSD website.

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