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Lynch School of Education

Undergraduate Students

lynch school of education

To Lynch School Undergraduates:


First and foremost, on behalf of colleagues and staff, I would like to welcome you to the undergraduate program at the Lynch School of Education at Boston College! You are joining an elite community of intelligent, committed, and caring professionals whose mission is to prepare you to enhance the life chances of all children and adults through academics, research, and service. We are truly proud of our community, mission, and accomplishments, among which we include your decision to join us.

Transitioning to college is simultaneously exciting and overwhelming. Here you will become autonomous, make your own decisions and choices, and discern your vocation. Here you will establish effective and appropriate academic, physical, and social routines to assure a productive college experience. Here you will explore new subjects, develop fulfilling relationships, and serve others as you come to live fully human lives. Although you are probably concerned about fitting in, succeeding academically, finding like-minded peers, getting involved in campus life, and maintaining good health, our undergraduate student services team—Campion 104—is here to support you as you negotiate these challenges in ways that assure strong intellectual curiosity, academic rigor, and effective physical, social, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Our goal is to care for you so that you may care for others.

On the following pages you will learn about the extensive opportunities and rigorous preparation that will guide you as you plan your life at Lynch. Stop by at Campion 104 to ask questions, seek help, learn about campus life, or simply talk. We are here to support you!


All the best,


Audrey A. Friedman, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean of Undergraduates

Associate Professor of Teacher Education, Special Education, and Curriculum and Instruction


For more information about resources for undergraduate students, please view the links to the left or contact the Office of Undergraduate Student Services at 617-552-4204 or