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Lynch School of Education

Dissertation Fellowships

academic year


March 1 (if this falls on a weekend, deadline is 4 pm the following Monday)


There are two fellowships each year.

The Fellowship is intended to support the students' completion of their dissertation.   It is expected that Fellowship recipients will dedicate themselves full-time to working on their dissertations.  Priority will be given to those nominees who, in the opinion of the Faculty Awards Committee, will have a high probability of completing the dissertation during the academic year of the award.

  • Must be enrolled in a Lynch School Ph.D. program
  • Must have passed comprehensive examination (in exceptional cases, students may be scheduled to take examination no later than September of the year in which application is submitted). An exception is made for students for whom clinical internships are a requirement of the doctoral program. All coursework, however, must be completed.
  • Must receive approval for Intent to Propose or Dissertation Proposal no later than April 1 of academic year preceding year in which award is granted.
  • Must provide a statement setting forth his or her plans for using the Dissertation Fellowship and clarifying any plans he or she may have for employment during the award period. If the candidate intends to be otherwise employed during the course of the fellowship, he or she should include a description of the position and the weekly time commitment it requires.

    Note: Dissertation Fellowship recipients are not eligible for any additional Boston College-based employment during the course of their Fellowship, including graduate or teaching assistantships, internships, or instructor positions.  Any exceptions to this must be approved by the Associate Dean of Students.

(1)  Only the Chair of the Dissertation Committee may nominate a student.  Given the competitive nature of the award, Dissertation Chairs are requested to present the case for their nominee in some detail, recognizing that the persuasiveness of their arguments will be central in advancing the nomination. The letter of nomination should address each of the following five points, elaborating where appropriate:

  • Nominee's record of scholarly achievement (e.g., awards, honors, publications, presentations at conferences, collaboration with professionals in the field, excellent grades, etc.)
  • Nominee's skills, conceptual ability, knowledge, and capacity to complete the study
  • Nominee's likelihood to complete dissertation within the year in which the award is given
  • Quality of the design of the study and its appropriateness to the research question
  • Significance of the research question

Dissertation Chairs should submit the Nomination Letter electronically to the Associate Dean of Students ( on or before the March 1st deadline date


(2)  Nominated students should submit the following application materials electronically to the Associate Dean of Students ( on or before the March 1st deadline date:

  • Statement setting forth plans for using the fellowship, including any details regarding planned employment during the fellowship period *
  • 1000-word abstract of Intent to Propose or Dissertation Proposal
  • Intent to Propose or Dissertation Proposal
  • Curriculum vitae

*Due to the competitive nature of this fellowship, students are advised to indicate whether they are willing to be considered for a Summer Dissertation Development Grant if they are not chosen for the Dissertation Fellowship, and, if so, how they would use such funds.


(3)       Students should deliver one copy of their official transcript to the Graduate Office on or before March 1st


Nomination Letters and application materials are reviewed by the Faculty Awards Committee and recipients will be announced by the Graduate Office no later than March 31st (or the following Monday if this falls on a weekend).