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EICS Publications

lynch school of education

A Cost Effectiveness Analysis EI in MA

Adaptation During Early Childhood Among Mothers of CWD

Adolescents with DD and their Families 2009

Adolescents with DD and their Families

An Analysis of Early Intervention Expenditures in MA

An Expanded View of Program Evaluation in Early Childhood Intervention

Caretaking Burden and Social Support- Comparison of Mothers of Infants with and without Disabilities

Child Care Needs, Arrangements, and Satisfaction of Mothers of CWDD

Child Related and Parenting Stress- Similarities and Differences Between Mothers and Fathers of CWD

Classroom Behaviors of Preschool Children With and Without DD

Classrooms Matter- Relations between the Classroom Environment and the Social and Mastery Behavior of 5YO CWD

Congruence and Predictive Power of Mothers' and Teachers' Ratings of MM in CWMR

Contribution Of Marital Quality To Well Being of Parents Of CWDD

Designing Meaningful Evaluations of Early Intervention Services

Development Of Infants With DD and Their Families

Dyadic Interactions between Mothers and Children with Down Syndrome or Williams Syndrome- Empirical Evidence and Emerging Agendas

Early Childhood Intervention- The Evolution of a Concept

Early Intervention as Preventive Intervention

Early Intervention Efficacy Research- What Have We Learned and Where Do We Go From Here

Early Intervention for Disabled Infants and their Families- A Quantitative Analysis

Early Intervention Services

Early Childhood Predictors Of Mothers Fathers Relationships With AWDD

Early Predictors Of Behavior Probblomes 2 Years After EI

Employment, Parenting, and Well Being Among Mothers of CWD

Families of Children with DS- What We Know and What We Need to Know

Family Assessment Within Early Intervention Programs

Family Influences On Adaptive Behavior In Young Chilldren With DS

I Think I Can I Knew I Could

I Think I Can I Think I Can- Understanding and Encouraging MM in Young Children

Impact of Parent Groups on Mothers of Infants with Disabilities

Implications Of Public Law 99-457

Mastery Motivation In Toddlers With Developmental Disabilities

Monitoring and Evaluation in Early Intervention Programs

Mother Child Interactionas Predictor Of Mastery Motivation In Children With Disabilities Born Preterm

Mothers' and Fathers' Ratings of the Benefits of EI Services

New Precedent in Family Policy- Individualized Family Service Plan

Policy and Program Development for Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities

Preparing Educators to Engage Families- Case Studies Using an Ecological Systems Framework- A Developmental Contextual Perspective

Role of Coping Strategies in Predicting Change in Parenting Efficacy and Depressive Symptoms

Setting the Stage - early child and family characteristics as predictors of later loneliness in CWDD

The Cost Effectiveness of Home Visiting Versus Group Services in Early Intervention

The Development of Young Children with Disabilities and their Families- Implications for Policies and Programs

The Effects of the Classroom Environment on the Social and Mastery Behavior of Preschool CWDD

The Limitations of Normative Assessments of High Risk Infants

The Effect Of EIS on Maternal Well Being

Well Being Of Mothers of AWDD Relation To Medica lCare

Young Children with DD and Their Families- Needs, Policies, and Services

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