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Lynch School of Education

Community Of Learners

practicum office (student teaching program)

They Lynch School of Education's student teaching program reflects the School's Mission , improve the human condition through education" as well as to the Boston College motto, " Ever to Excel ." The student teachers focus on five teacher education themes throughout the practicum. They include: Promoting Social Justice, Constructing Knowledge, Inquiring into Practice, Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners, and Collaborating with Others.

We encourage our student teachers to fully participate in the theme collaborating with others as they work in organized Communities of Learners that include both pre and full practicum student teachers. This "team" approach is designed to encourage collaboration and sharing ideas.

The practicum requirements are organized around four general topics: Plan, Connect, Act, and Reflect. Plan ning lessons, Connect ing and Collaborating with others, Act ing (in the role of teacher) and Reflect ing on Practice. These four topics reflect our goal: create a Community of Learners which includes practicing teachers, teachers in training, and students in the classroom.

Although our Community of Learners extends to all of the neighborhoods surrounding Boston College , we have an extremely active partnership with urban schools in the area. Below you will find ifnormation regarding the urban schools which are part of our Community of Learners.

For more information please visit the Practicum Office

**For a full listing of "Community of Learners" Partnership Schools (including non-urban schools) please visit the Lynch School Practicum website: /schools/lsoe/academics/practicum.html

Public Partnership Schools


Superintendent: Thomas W. Payzant
Phone: 617-635-9050

Beethoven (cluster 8- West Roxbury )
5125 Washington Street
West Roxbury MA 02132
Phone: 617-635-8149 Fax: 617-635-8155
Hrs: 9:15am - 3:25pm
Principal: Eileen Nash

Early Learning Center North
1212 Corey Road
Brighton , MA 02135
Phone: 617-635-8409 Fax: 617-635-9544
Hrs: 7:30am - 1:30pm
Principal: Dr. Graciela Hopkins

Edward Everett School (cluster 3-Dorchester)
71 Pleasant Street
Dorchester MA 02125
Phone: 617-635-8779 Fax: 617-635-8780
Hrs: 9:20am - 3:20pm
Principal: Kathleen Flannery

Gardner (cluster 5- Allston-Brighton)
30 Athol Street
Allston MA 02134
Phone: 617-635-8365 Fax: 617-635-7812
Hrs: 8:15am - 2:45pm
Principal: Erica Herman

Garfield (cluster 5- Allston-Brighton)
95 Beechcroft Street
Brighton , MA 02135
Phone: 617-635-8351 Fax: 617-635-8353
Hrs: 8:15am - 2:45pm
Principal: Victoria Batista


Jackson Mann (cluster 5- Allston-Brighton)
40 Armington
Allston , MA 02134
Phone: 617-635-8532 Fax: 617-635-6379
Hrs: 7:30am - 1:40pm
Principal: Joanne Russell

Mason School (cluster 2 - Roxbury)
150 Norfolk Ave.
Roxbury , MA 02119
Phone: 617-635-8405 Fax: 617-635-8406
Hrs: 8:30am - 2:30pm
Principal: Janet Palmer Owens

Tobin (cluster 5)
40 Smith Street
Roxbury , MA 02120
Phone: 617 635-8393 Fax: 617-635-7900
Hrs: 9:25am - 3:25pm
Principal: Cheryl Watson-Harris

Winship (cluster 5- Allston-Brighton)
54 Dighton Street
Brighton , MA 02135
Phone: 617-635-8460 Fax: 617-635-8464
Hrs: 9:10am - 3:30pm
Principal: Antonio Barbosa


Brighton High School
25 Warren Street
Brighton , MA 02135
Phone: 617-635-9873 Fax: 617-635-9892
Hrs: 7:20am - 1:55pm
Principal: Toby Romer

Jeremiah Burke High School
60 Washington Street
Dorchester , MA 02121
Phone: 617-635-9837 Fax: 617-635-9852
Hrs: 7:25am - 1:45pm
Principal: Carol Bradley Moore

Boston International High School
25 Glen Road
Jamaica Plain , MA 02130
Hrs: 7:50am- 2:10pm
Phone: 617-635-9373 Fax: 617-635-8224
Principal: Oscar Santos

South Boston High School
95 G St , South Boston 02127
Hrs: 7:20am - 1:40pm
Odyssey HS
Jean Ordway-Macrina, Headmaster
Monument HS
Jonathan Pizzi, Headmaster
Excel HS
Ligia Noriega, Headmaster


West Roxbury Educational Complex
1205 VFW Parkway
West Roxbury , MA 02132
Hrs: 7:25am - 1:45pm

Brook Farm Business & Service Career Academy
Mr. Ed Donnelly, Headmaster
Phone: 617-635-8917

Media Communications Technology
Sung-Joon Pai, Headmaster
Phone: 617-635-8917
Fax: 617-635-7997

Parkway Academy of Technology & Health
Barbara Ferrer, Headmaster
Phone: 617-635-8917
Fax; 617-635-7997

Urban Science Academy ( USA )
Rasheed Hakim Meadows, Headmaster
Phone: 617-635-8917
Fax; 617-635-7997


Superintendent: Dr. Thomas Fowler-Finn
Phone: 617-349-6494

Amigos Elementary School
158 Spring Street
Cambridge MA 02139
Phone: (617) 349-4082 Fax: 617-349-6833
Hrs: 7:40am - 1:50pm
Principal: Marla Perez-Selles




Superintendent: Dr. Christopher H. Martes
Phone: 508-626-9117


Framingham High School
115 "A" Street
Framingham MA 01701
Phone: 508-620-4963 Fax: 508-877-6603
Hrs: 7:15am - 2:15pm
Principal: Ralph Olsen




Superintendent: Dr. Richard DeCristofaro
Phone: 617-984-8700


North Quincy High School
316 Hancock Street
Quincy MA 02171
Phone: 617-984-8745 Fax: 617-984-8647
Hrs: 7:45am - 2:30pm
Principal: Louis Ioanilli


Quincy High School
52 Coddington Street
Quincy MA 02169
Phone: 617-984-8751 Fax: 617-984-8643
Hrs: 7:45am - 2:30pm
Principal: Frank Santoro

Catholic Partnership Schools

Superintendent: Sr. Kathleen Carr, CSJ
Phone: 617-298-6555

Catholic- Elementary


St. Mary of Assumption ( Brookline )
67 Harvard Street
Brookline , MA 02146
Phone: 617-566-7184 or 617-739-9272
Fax: 617-731-4078 or 617-734-3001
Hrs: 8:00 - 2:15
Principal: Maureen Jutras

St. Columbkille's ( Brighton )
25 Arlington Street
Brighton MA 02135
Phone: 617- 254-3110, Fax 617- 254-3161
Hrs: 8:00am - 2:00pm
Principal: Mary E. Battles

Trinity Catholic High School
575 Washington Street
Newton MA 02458
Phone: 617-224-1841 Fax: 617-796-9175
Hours: 7:55-2:20
Principal: Kelly Walsh Surapeneni