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Belle Liang's Research Lab

Mission Statement

Dr. Belle Liang's Research Lab is an affiliate group of Dr. Belle Liang, Associate Professor in the Counseling, Developmental, and Educational Psychology Department at Boston College.  Through research and outreach, the lab is committed to advancing the field of psychology through sound scientific research, all while maintaining a firm committment to greater issues of social justice.


Belle Liang, PhD

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Belle Liang completed her doctorate in clinical and community psychology at Michigan State University and post-doctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School/The Cambridge Hospital. She is Associate Professor of Counseling, and Developmental and Educational Psychology in the Lynch School of Education at Boston College and a member of the Research and Policy Council of MENTOR/National Mentoring Partnership and Advisory Board of the National Cadre of Mentoring Researchers. As a national expert in youth mentoring and for excellence in bringing an innovative, strength-based, developmental, and preventive approach to youth advocacy work, she has received honors, including the Many Faces of Psychology Award and the Distinguished Alumni Award from Indiana University. Her current research, practice, and publications focus 
on relational health, positive youth development, and transformative youthmentoring relationships and interventions, including, a "social networking for social justice" movement led by youth foryouth. Dr. Liang is currently the Principal Investigator for the 21st Century Athena’s Research Project.