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Step UP

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A New Vision of School-University Partnerships

Three years ago, the Office of the Mayor set out to assist Boston Public Schools in closing the achievement gap by partnering schools with local universities. Five distinguished universities -- Boston College, Boston University, Harvard, Northeastern, and Tufts -- launched Step UP, an initiative directing resources from Boston's top universities to 10 Boston Public Schools. The project helps Boston's students reach their full potential by offering them the best education possible. Please visit the official Step UP Boston webpage.

Step UP Schools

The Lynch School of Education provides a variety of services to four Boston Public Step UP Schools:

  • Russell Elementary
  • John Wintrhop Elementary
  • Orchard Gardens
  • English High School

Step UP Services

Services offered vary from school to school. Some of the services include:

  •  Leadership Coaching The Lynch School offers a leadership coach to the Russell Elementary School and the John Winthrop Elementary School. The coach works with the schools teachers, administrators and staff to work on setting priorities for the school and offering professional and leadership development.
  • Genres of Writing: A Team Based Intervention This collaboration is offered at Russell Elementary and John Winthrop Elementary and focuses on developing and implementing a curriculum for teaching writing, as well as on researching the impact of a genre-based approach to students’ writing. Teachers and the BC team assessed the skills students need to successfully complete MCAS examinations that require writing. Teachers then developed a curriculum for grades 4 and 5 which helps students analyze the genres of writing samples in each subject and answer associated questions.
  • Mindful Teacher Project This project, offered at Russell Elementary and John Winthrop Elementary schools, seeks to create new forms of lateral support for BPS teachers to address issues that emerge as part of daily instruction, to develop common strategies for improving student achievement, and to conduct jointly authored scholarship about teachers’ collaborative learning at monthly “Mindful Teacher Leadership” seminars.
  • Practicum ExperiencesOver the past year, the Lynch School provided over 30 student teachers to the four designated Step-Up Schools.
  • Professional Development Boston College offered a host of professional development opportunities to the teachers, staff, and administration of the four Step UP schools.