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Lynch School of Education

Roundtable 2012


In April 2012 a number of community-based programs from all over the country met at the Lynch School Boston College to share their experiences and devise strategies for their common problems.  They gathered to discuss topics pertinent to all community based programs and yet rarely get shared with other programs, either in the same geographic area or from across the country.

The group, led by Dr. Anderson J. Franklin, Honorable David S. Nelson Chair, discussed the topics in an informal setting, enabling all to have a voice.  There were 6 main topics of discussion:

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  • Meeting Community Needs Through Organizational Mission & Vision: Updates, Challenges and Strategies
  • Program Development, Diversity, Scale and Implementation
  • Staffing, Professional Development & Collaborative Partnerships
  • Program Impact & Outcomes: Evaluation, Research, Accountability Models
  • Program Stability: Funding Streams, Development Strategies and Maintaining Mission Integrity
  • Effective Leadership, Strategic Planning and Board Development
2012 Roundtable group photo
Roundtable Atendees: Sherdren Burnside, Lauren Bierbaum, Saliha Nelson, Catherine Wong Omo Moses, Cidra Sebastien, Alison Austin, Lenora Fulani, Hailey Yaffe, Margaret Rose-Giloth, Anderson J. Franklin, Joshua Jenkins

Presenting Programs

Partnership for Youth Development
PYD logo

Partnership for Youth Development is a New Orleans based program that joined the Roundtable for the second year.  They are in their tenth year of helping out-of-school time programs achieve the highest levels of program quality. Lauren Bierbaum, the program's Executive Director has shared the programs vision to effectively support the children and youth of New Orleans and Louisiana.

Phenomenal People
Margaret Rose Giloth photo

Phenomenal People, presented by President Margaret Rose-Giloth, comes from Bermuda where the program is supporting the phenomenal people of Bermuda in lviing, loving and learning.  In specific, PP offers support groups for adult women, youth as well as skills groups for fathers of all ages.  Their mission is to foster healthy loving relationships to preserve Bermuda's unique heritage.

The Young People's Project
YPP logo

Young People’s Project develops students aged 8-22 from traditionally marginalized populations as learners, teachers, leaders, and organizers through math and media literacy, community-building, and advocacy in order to build a unique network of young people who are better equipped to navigate life’s circumstances, are active in their communities, and advocate for education reform in America.

The Brotherhood/Sister Sol
Brotherhood/Sister Sol logo

The Brotherhood/Sister Sol provides support services to youth from eight to twenty-one years of age. We focus on issues such as leadership development and educational achievement, sexual responsibility, sexism and misogyny, political education and social justice, Pan-African and Latino history, and global awareness.

Urban League, College Track
College Track logo

Urban League College Track (ULCT) is an afterschool college preparatory program that works to increase high school graduation, college eligibility, college enrollment and graduation rates in under-resourced communities.  ULCT firmly believes that access to higher education is a sustainable form of community development and economic empowerment.  The harsh reality is that low-income students of color in our communities are seldom prepared to go to college. In fact, only 50% of African American students in New Orleans finish high school.  ULCT students are defying these odds and becoming a legacy to inspire and empower future generations of college bound students.

All Stars Project Inc.
All Stars Project logo

The All Stars Project, Inc. (ASP) is a non-partisan, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to promoting human development through the use of an innovative performance-based model. The ASP creates outside of school, educational and performing arts activities for thousands of poor and minority young people. It sponsors community and experimental theatre, develops leadership training and pursues volunteer initiatives that build and strengthen communities.


TACOLCY is a nonprofit organization located on a 3.5 acre City of Miami Park in the heart of Liberty City. It is a safe haven for children, youth, young adults, families and mentors to come together in a variety of activities to strengthen the bonds and skills that produce healthy, educated, confident and compassionate leaders of tomorrow.

Urgent, Inc.
Urgent, Inc. logo

URGENT, Inc. stands for Urban Renewal Greater Enhancement National Team. URGENT started out as a grassroots initiative to inform change through media education and provide an avenue for open dialogue between community stakeholders on public access television and radio to promote solutions to problems facing urban communities. In 1999, URGENT, Inc. began direct services. In 2003, URGENT added a community development component. URGENT remains committed to promoting solutions to the issues faced by today's urban communities.

Dr. Nichols Talks About the New Program at the University of Miami
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