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Lynch School of Education


annual think tank for community-based programs

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Our Mission

The purpose of the Nelson Chair Roundtable is to give an opportunity for community program leaders to pause and talk through their interventions with others. Too often vision and passion behind our programs is consumed by implementing the program and we lose some of the focus we had in creating it. Moreover, we often have common concerns in making our programs work and reach our constituents, but are unaware of the common thread between us due to isolation and lack of networking.

Roundtable Structure

Roundtable therefore is a "think tank" meeting versus a conference. It is designed to bring community based programs together for networking ideas, resources and shared concerns. It is about pursuing excellence through sharing mutual competency in an intimate professional forum. It is an opportunity to extend our critical consciousness and passion for social justice. Our goal is to develop best practices across the scope of program implementation. This means presentations and the exchanges are to help us focus upon areas of effectiveness as well as need. Each program acts as a reflection of the other.

Program leaders should help us understand how they came to develop their program, achievements in implementing it and areas of challenge going forward. The presentations therefore serve as a guide for focusing discussion to optimize feedback and developing strategy for networking resources. It is a means to help us all strengthen the work we are doing and further program development.