Accepted Students:  

1)      When and how do I submit my enrollment deposit?

Once you have received your acceptance letter/email, you should submit your enrollment deposit. If you have not already done so, please submit your response form and deposit here. Please note the only form of payment we currently accept is checks. For international students, please note that we do accept money orders.

2)      When am I going to receive my BC email and how do I access it?

Once you submit your deposit and it’s processed, you’ll be able to log into the Agora Portal. You will see an option to change your “secondary password.” You’ll follow those instructions. Also, you will receive a letter containing your BC username and password as soon as you are formally transferred to ‘student’ status. If you did not receive the letter, contact the Help Center at or 617-552-HELP (4357).

3)      How do I obtain my Eagle-One Card?  

You have to be registered and financially cleared for classes in order to obtain your Eagle-One Card. To have the card made, go to the Student Services Office in Lyons Hall. Frequently asked questions regarding the Eagle-One Card are available on the website.

4)      How do I find housing?

Please visit the off-campus housing website to explore available housing in the Boston area as well as connect with potential roommates. You can also join our exclusive Facebook groups for accepted students to post listings and ask questions.

5)      How do I register for classes?

To view the course offerings via Boston College’s course schedule, click here. Then, to register for classes, you will need to log into Agora Portal. Once logged into Agora Portal, click on “Register for Courses”. There will then be directions on how to download BC UIS.  

6)      When do classes start for the Summer Session?

The Summer Session I courses begin on May 16 and end on June 23. The Summer Session II courses begin on June 27 and end on August 8. There are also certificates and specializations, professional development short courses, special institutes, and online courses offered during the summer. Check out the website for more details.

7)      Am I permitted to park on campus?

Graduate student permits are available to full- or part-time students currently enrolled in any of Boston College’s graduate programs. Information on updating a parking permit is available on the Transporation and Parking Services website.

8)      Are there public transportation options close to campus?

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) has a Green Line (B), which can be used to reach Boston College. For more information, visit the MBTA’s website. In regards to pricing, the MBTA offers an 11% discount to BC students. 

9)      How much will it cost if I decide to join the campus gym?

Campus Recreation (BC Rec) provides memberships for faculty, staff, and students. Visit their website to learn about the facilities and the membership pricing.

Financial Aid:

10)   How do I find out if I qualify for federal financial aid?

If you have already filled out the FAFSA, log into Agora Portal and check on the status. You will receive a financial aid key from the Graduate Admission & Financial Aid Office. If you haven’t filled out the FAFSA, fill out the Graduate Financial Aid form.

11)   Are there work opportunities for graduate students?

Yes, check out our Graduate Assistantships that are available across campus. The Office of Graduate Student Life posts these assistantships. The Lynch School also maintains a positions page for students in the Higher Education program.