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Lynch School of Education

Faculty Support and Services

lynch school of education faculty handbook

H. Use of University Resources

Administrative Staff, Administrative Assistants and Work Study Students
The office staff supports the work of the Department. The Administrative Assistants and work study students are not allowed to type book manuscripts unless you hire them on their own time and pay them separately. Work study students are assigned to the departments to collaborate in the work of the Department. Faculty should check with department administrative staff and/or chairs to schedule the use of work study resources. The staff is not to be used to clean up food you may have served at a meeting nor are staff expected to order lunch for faculty.

Graduate Assistant Work and Holiday Schedule
A graduate assistantship carries with it the expectation that students will work 20 hours per week from September 1 to May 31. Graduate Assistants have the same days off as University employees. They are entitled to one week of vacation during the end of year Holiday Break, not the entire break period, or spring break. If faculty are not available or do not need their assistants during those times, they have the option of releasing them. If the Graduate Assistant is not needed by the faculty member, she/he could be released to the Department for some of the hours. Faculty do have some discretion in giving additional vacation time, but are encouraged to arrange for students to make up hours missed.

Office Resources
Mail services, photocopying and supplies are provided for the use of faculty in support of their teaching, research and service. However, such supplies are not unlimited and are constrained by university-wide, and, in some cases, program-specific budgets. Below we summarize normal use of these resources. Faculty are expected to secure supplementary resources to support research projects through, for example, internal (e.g., Research Incentive Grants), or external funding (e.g., foundation). Specific requests for additional support beyond the parameters described here should be discussed with your department chair and/or the Associate Dean of Finance, Research, and Administration.

Federal Express
Federal Express is available in the Dean’s Office on a very limited basis. It should be used only for items of extreme urgency or importance. Please exercise careful stewardship in decided if you need first class or two-day U.S. mail or Federal Express for posting.

The last pick-up of mail in the Dean’s Office is between 2-3 pm each day. If you miss this pick-up and have mail that must go out the same day, please make arrangements for your student workers to bring mail to the Campus Mail Room. Otherwise the mail will not be picked up until 11 a.m. the following day, and on Fridays, it will not be picked up until the following Monday.

University Technological and Information Resources
Please refer to the Boston College Technological and Information Resources Use Agreement and the Professional Standards and Business Conduct: Use of University Technological and Information Resources section of the Boston College Policies and Procedures Manual for information on the use of university technological and information resources.

You can dial into the voicemail system from anywhere to get your messages. Your phone messages are also available electronically through Agora. Please visit the BC Help Center for a comprehensive overview of the Telephone and Voicemail systems.


Department Administrative Assistants maintain and monitor office supplies for faculty and staff in their respective areas. Please exercise careful and ethical judgment in using Boston College and LSOE resources and see the department support staff with questions regarding supplies.

The Lynch School of Education supplies a total of 25 pages of copy per student per course per semester. If you wish students to have more materials, you may put readings on reserve at O’Neill Library or use BC Press or an outside vendor.

Only single copies of any material may be made on the machine in the Department offices. Multiple copies of any material must be done by the office staff on the large copy machine on the first floor. The materials to be copied by the staff should be left with cover sheet instructions in the Department offices. To allow for machine problems and high volume, the Departments should be given a 48-hour notice period.

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