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Lynch School of Education

Faculty Support and Services

lynch school of education faculty handbook

Technology Services

Technology Consultants
Boston College Technology Consultants (TCs) serve the ever-increasing technology support needs of faculty and staff by providing local technology support.  TCs provide support for desktop computing and technology related consulting. TCs for the Lynch School can be contacted by email at or 552-6318.

The Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) 
The Center for Teaching Excellence provides technical support for faculty related to Canvas, Lecture Capture, MediaKron, i>Clicker, Virtual Communication, as well as facilities such as the Innovation Lab, Technology Classrooms, and the Recording Studio. 

Media Services
Boston College Media Technology Services provides the University community with a full range of audiovisual support. Examples of services include: digital audio recording, CD-ROM production, DVD production, digital video, digital photo and multimedia production, creative graphics services, state-of-the-art instructional classrooms, TV satellite conferencing, technical repair services, live webcasting, and live TV remote telecasts.

Course-Related Information and Resources

Agora is a service-based intranet for the Boston College Community. It is a portal to many web-based services and tools allowing Boston College students, faculty and staff to access and interact with personal information and perform university transactions related to their role in the University. Through Agora, you are able to access email, Web forums, Blackboard, research tools and more, bringing many Internet activities on to one web page. The BC Help Center offers comprehensive tutorials on accessing and using comprehensive tutorials on accessing and using Agora.

Reserve Reading Lists
Books and articles required for course readings may be placed on reserve at the request of a faculty member or other course instructor. Course reserve materials are housed at most libraries and in the Educational Resource Center. The largest reserve collection is located in the O’Neill Library and serves both undergraduate and graduate level courses.

To order books, or to place an order for a course packet, visit the BC Bookstore faculty web page.

Final Exams
The final exam for your course is scheduled during exam week. For undergraduates, the rooms are scheduled by the Registrar’s Office and may be different from the regular classroom. The graduate courses have final exams in the usual classrooms. All courses have scheduled exam times determined by the starting time of the course. All graduate courses meeting once a week and undergraduate courses that start at 4:00 pm or after and meet once a week have final exams on the first regular day of class that occurs during exam week. All graduate courses meeting more than once a week and undergraduate courses starting at 4:30 pm or earlier and meeting more than once a week will have final exams on the class day that is earliest in the calendar week. The Registrar’s Office posts online the meeting place for each exam, several weeks prior to the exam period. Exam information is also available in the Boston College Schedule of Courses and on the following web site: /courses.

Instructor Absence
If, for any reason, you are unable to be in class or will miss your office hours, you must call your Department Staff as far ahead as possible. Also, let the staff know your plans for making up the class at that time. The Department office will inform the Dean’s Office (Campion 101), the Office of Undergraduate Student Services if it is undergraduate course, the Office of Graduate Student Services if it is a graduate course, and the Department Chair.  The Department Staff will post signs on the doors. Faculty should also send a group e-mail and voice mail announcement to the students.

Office Hours
Part-time Faculty and Teaching Fellows are expected to have two (2) hours of office time available to students for each course they teach.  All full-time faculty members are expected to post office hours on a minimum of two separate days each week, during which time they should be in their offices. In addition, Full-time Faculty should be available to students for scheduling face-to-face appointments and for consultations through email and phone.  Office hours should be included on syllabi and submitted to the Department Staff, who will post the information on the faculty/staff database.

If your course is "capped" (i.e., limited to a fixed number of students), please note that student requests to exceed the maximum number of places for your course are signed at the instructor’s discretion. Also note that “caps” are determined by the Department Chair with the approval of the Associate Dean of Faculty and Academics and are based on a range of issues including the numbers of students required to take the course, numbers of sections and of students enrolled, and pedagogical considerations.  From time to time, the Associate Dean of Student Services may contact a faculty member to request an override for a specific student.

Papers and Tests
At the end of the semester, papers and tests should not be left in mailrooms or offices for students to pick through. Students should leave a self-addressed, stamped envelope or you should make arrangements for your graduate student to be available during certain hours for paper/exam pick-up. A best practice is to use Canvas' electronic assignment features and return work through the Canvas system.

A copy of each syllabus should be distributed to students in the class and given to the Department office before the start of each semester. The Boston College Office of Student Services provides information for posting syllabi online for use in student course selection and advising. Syllabi, and other course materials, should adhere to Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles.

Grading Policy on Incomplete Grades (05/22/2007)
All required work in any course must be completed by the date set for the course examination. A student who has not completed the research or written work for a course taken in the fall or spring semester or who is absent from the course examination in either semester may, with adequate reason and at the discretion of the instructor, receive a temporary grade of Incomplete (I). All such I grades will automatically be changed to F on March 1 for the fall term, August 1 for the spring term, and October 1 for the summer term.  Graduate students cannot be awarded an assistantship if there are any Incompletes on his/her transcript.

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