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Student Advising and Selected Information

lynch school of education faculty handbook

F. Student Award Processes

Dissertation Fellowships

This academic year-long Fellowship is intended to support the students’ completion of their dissertation. Priority will be given to those nominees who, in the opinion of the Faculty Awards Committee, will have a high probability of completing the dissertation during the academic year of the award. Students must be nominated by their Dissertation Chair for the Fellowship.  Each nomination should be accompanied by a supporting letter from the Nominees’ Dissertation Chair. The Nomination Letter should be submitted electronically to the Associate Dean of Students; nominated students submit the requested materials electronically to the Associate Dean.  The deadline for submission of all application materials and letters of support is April 8th (if this falls on a weekend, the deadline is 4 pm the following Monday). There are two Dissertation Awards of approximately $17,500 (10 month stipend) per academic year. Further information on the Dissertation Fellowship can be found here

Given the competitive nature of the award, Dissertation Chairs are requested to present the case for their nominee in some detail, recognizing that the persuasiveness of their arguments will be central in advancing the nomination. The letter of nomination should address each of the following five points, elaborating where appropriate:

  • Nominee's record of scholarly achievement (e.g., awards, honors, publications, presentations at conferences, collaboration with professionals in the field, excellent grades, etc)
  • Nominee's skills, conceptual ability, knowledge, and capacity to complete the study
  • Nominee's likelihood to complete dissertation within the year in which the award is given
  • Quality of the design of the study and its appropriateness to the research question
  • Significance of the research question

Summer Dissertation Development Grants

The deadline for the Summer Dissertation Development Grants is April 8th (if this falls on a weekend, the deadline is 4 pm the following Monday). There are up to 6 Summer Dissertation Development Grants of approximately $2,000. Students may self-nominate for a Summer Dissertation Development Grant and are required to electronically submit the requested materials to the Associate Dean.

Letter of support from Dissertation Chair should address:

  • Applicant's record of academic excellence
  • Applicant's readiness to complete dissertation in timely fashion
  • Quality of design of study and its appropriateness to the research question
  • Quality/excellence of proposal or intent
  • Faculty letters of support should be submitted electronically to the Associate Dean of Students on or before the April 8th deadline.

Selection Process for Dissertation Fellowships and Dissertation Development Grants

Nomination letters for the Dissertation Fellowships and letters in support of the student’s application for the Summer Dissertation Development Grants must be submitted electronically to the Associate Dean of Students.  The letters should be carefully crafted because the Dissertation Fellowships and Summer Dissertation Development Grants have become increasingly competitive in recent years. It is appropriate for faculty to indicate their degree of familiarity with the candidate’s work and the student’s ability to make a lasting contribution to research in their field.

Students are required to send all of the application materials requested (with the exception of faculty letters of support) electronically to the Associate Dean of Students.  The Nomination Letters from Dissertation Chairs and Letters of Support from faculty are to be sent electronically to the Associate Dean of Students on or before the April 8th deadline.  The Associate Dean forwards all nominations and supporting documentation to the Faculty Fellowship Committee. The Faculty Fellowship Committee then reviews all grant materials and designates the grant recipients. This information is forwarded to the Associate Dean of Students and recipients are notified by the Associate Dean of their awards.

The Donald J. White Teaching Excellence Awards

Each year the University makes awards for Teaching Excellence to underscore and reinforce the importance of teaching excellence at Boston College. There are two types of awards:

  • Teaching Fellow Awards, for graduate students who have taught undergraduate or graduate classes with full responsibility for presenting the course and grading the course participants. These awards carry an honorarium of approximately $600.
  • Laboratory/Teaching Assistant Awards, for students who have assisted in laboratories in the sciences, students who assist in teaching by leading discussion groups, and, in LSOE, for students involved in teaching through the supervision of practica students. These awards carry an honorarium of approximately $350.

Each academic year the Lynch School of Education receives 2 Teaching Fellowship awards and 2 Teaching Assistant Awards. Department Chairs should publicize these awards among eligible students and faculty. Faculty should nominate students, including a letter of support explicating why they think the student’s teaching warrants this recognition. The Chairs of the Departments of Curriculum and Instruction and Counseling and Developmental Psychology should seek nominations from the Assistant Director of Practicum Experiences and the Assistant Director of Counseling Practicum Experiences, respectively, as students supervising practica are eligible for these Teaching Assistant awards. These recommendations should be forwarded to the Department Chair by a date in March determined by the Associate Dean of Students.  Criteria for recommendation and selection include the following:

  • A teaching assistant shall have taught at least one course per semester for at least two of the three semesters of the fiscal year, that is, from June 1st through May 31.
  • Students should not have previously received this award.
  • Students should be in good standing, that is, they should not have any incompletes on their academic record.
  • Evidence of excellence in teaching should be demonstrated by student evaluations, direct observations by the faculty making the recommendation or other indices available to the Chair and/or requested from the student or faculty recommender.

Selection Process for Teaching Awards

Using the criteria identified above, the Department Chair ranks awardees from among those recommended. All recommendations should be forwarded to the Associate Dean of Students by Department Chairs with accompanying documentation by March 15th. The Associate Dean then forwards award decisions to the Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, who notifies the Chairs of each department of the final recipients by early April. Awards are distributed at a ceremony conducted by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences in early May. Individual faculty are requested to accompany awardees at this ceremony. Department Chairs should forward the name of a faculty member who might accompany the student at the ceremony to the Associate Dean.

Diversity Fellowship

Boston College has resources that support two (2) fellowships that are offered to especially promising PhD students from groups that are underrepresented in their professions of choice. These fellowships are renewable for five years assuming continued academic excellence, and carry full tuition scholarships and stipends of approximately $19,500. Completion of the Lynch School application for one of our Ph.D. programs enables faculty to consider a student for this fellowship. Thus, there is no formal application. Rather, students must be nominated by their program coordinator or department chair at the time of admission. Department Chairs will receive requests to nominate students for these awards from the Associate Dean of Students. Departmental nominations and letters of support from faculty should be forwarded electronically to the Office of the Associate Dean of Students by the deadline specified in late February. The Faculty Awards Committee reviews all nominations and forwards the names of Awardees to the Associate Dean.

Students who receive the Diversity Fellowship are expected to be engaged in full-time study, and may not hold additional employment or additional fellowships during the academic years in which they hold the fellowship.

Graduate Scholarships

Descriptions of and procedures for other Lynch School of Education scholarships for graduate students can be viewed on the financial aid section of the Office of Graduate Student Admission website.

Undergraduate Awards

Each year the Office of the Dean of Students presents awards to outstanding student leaders. The purpose of these awards is to recognize the contributions of students to the co-curricular life of the University, their growth in leadership roles, and their creative involvement in student life.

In order to assure that all worthy students and advisors are considered for awards, student organizations, faculty advisors, deans, and other administrators are asked to nominate those students who have made significant contributions during each academic year. Students are considered for awards in eight categories based on nominations submitted by other students, faculty or administrators. An individual or organization may nominate any number of people.

Award recipients will be honored at a banquet in recognition of their contributions, talents and dedication. Organization presidents, selected students and a number of faculty and staff will be invited to this banquet which is held in April.

Award recipients will be chosen by a committee composed of students, faculty and administrators. Nominations should be submitted to the Office of the Dean of Students, Maloney Hall, Suite 212. ODS maintains a list of the Descriptions of the Undergraduate Leadership Awards.

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