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Lynch School of Education

Faculty Policies and Procedures

lynch school of education faculty handbook

G. Externally Funded Research


Faculty members are strongly encouraged to pursue external funding to support their research and provide Lynch School students with additional financial resources. Support is offered at the School and University-wide levels. The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) oversees University-wide services.

The Associate Dean of Faculty and Academics and the Associate Dean for Finance, Research, and Administration provide support for external funding within the Lynch School, beginning with the generation of research plans and continuing through the period of the award.

The Associate Dean of Faculty and Academics, OSP, and the University Office of Advancement assist faculty in finding funders for their work through access to electronic databases and individual consultation.

Faculty members should work with the Associate Dean of Faculty and Academics far in advance of the submission deadline for the application.

When the application is complete, a Research Transmittal Form should be submitted to the Department Chair, who must approve it and submit it to the Associate Dean. The Associate Dean of Faculty and Academic Affairs will review the materials and determine if all necessary facets of the proposal have been addressed. In particular, the Associate Dean of Faculty and Academics reviews the proposal to assess whether the grant will require additional allocations of space, faculty course buyouts, or support for graduate assistantships. Once the materials are complete the Associate Dean of Faculty and Academics will submit the paperwork to the OSP for review.

All externally funded research (and all research involving human subjects) will be reviewed by the University Institutional Review Board. Approval of research on human subjects must be completed before data collection begins. Faculty members and students are required to follow relevant professional guidelines—such as those of the American Educational Research Association and American Psychological Association, and the uniform Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects—concerning the protection of human subjects.

To maintain proper records of the productivity of Lynch School faculty members in pursuing grants, it is imperative that faculty members provide copies of all grant-related activity to the Associate Dean of Faculty and Academics. Research transmittal forms, copies of proposals, and notification of awards all must be provided to the Associate Dean’s Office. Please consult with the Associate Dean and the Department Chair to assure that all relevant parties are informed about course buyouts and graduate assistantships generated through grants. Faculty should notify the Associate Dean of Faculty and Academic Affairs if their grant is not funded in order to ensure that resources allocated for one grant can be recycled to other grants.

Faculty members should note that, in addition to supporting external grants, the University provides internal grants through various programs. Examples include The Research Expense Grants Program, which provides stipends of up to $1500 that many faculty use to cover costs incurred in the process of conducting research. The Research Incentive Grants Program provides 15 stipends of up to $15,000. The Academic Technology Innovation Grants program provides financing (up to approximately $70,000) for technology projects. See the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) for more information on these and other university programs.

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