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Lynch School of Education

Faculty Policies and Procedures

lynch school of education faculty handbook

D. Support for Associate Professors in the Promotion Process

Associate Professors have the opportunity to participate in faculty development workshops organized by the Office of the Associate Dean of Faculty and Academics to explore a range of issues related to this stage of their careers. Workshops explore selected topics in a collegial and conversational format with invited speakers, panel discussions,and small group activities. Topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Re-visiting the balance/imbalance among teaching, research and service
  • Funded research: Opportunities and burdens
  • Identifying resources that the University, and more particularly the Office of the Deans at the Lynch School, make available to support Associate Professors in their work
  • Strategies for moving from Associate to Full Professor

In addition to the workshops a group of Full Professors have agreed to act as mentors for Associate Professors. The Associate Faculty mentorship initiative is informal and voluntary and is intended to serve as a resource to Associate Professors in their professional development. The full professors will be available to advise on a range of academic and professional matters, and Associate Professors are encouraged to contact the Full Professor mentors whenever desired. From time to time, there will be informal gatherings such as coffee hours to facilitate these relationships. However the process presumes that most meetings or discussions between Associate and Full Professors are set up by individual participating faculty. The list of Full Professors available as resources will be updated annually by the Associate Dean of Faculty and Academic Affairs and distributed to all Associate Professors.

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