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Lynch School of Education

Faculty Policies and Procedures

lynch school of education faculty handbook

E. Faculty Committees

Lynch School faculty, as part of their service requirement, take on committee membership at the school and university level. Some positions are elected and some are by appointment.

University-wide Faculty Committees and descriptions of University-wide Faculty Committees, statutory and non-statutory, can be found at the website of the University Provost.

Lynch School Faculty Committees

The following committees have been established by the Lynch School to ensure its functioning and engaging of faculty and students to provide leadership in the life of the institute.

Committee name and description Election process and terms Current membership (2011-2012)

Committee on Educational Policy

This committee works with the Dean, Associate Deans, and EPC to increase awareness of state and federal educational policy, to appraise its impact, and to consider LSOE policy and practice.




Appointed by Dean - term length is ongoing.








Dr. Henry Braun; Dr. Marilyn Cochran-Smith; Fran Loftus; Fr. Joe O'Keefe; Dr. Alec Peck; Dr. Diana Pullin








Committee on Sponsored Research

This committee consults with the Dean and Associate Dean on matters pertaining to the promotion of sponsored research, including fostering collaborations among faculty, building relationships with funding agencies, and enhancing policies and procedures that increase faculty success in securing funding for their work.

Appointed by Dean - term length is ongoing.










Dr. Mike Barnett; Dr. Rebekah Coley; Dr. Jim Mahalik; Dr. Kate McNeill; Dr. Laura O'Dwyer; Dr. Mariela Paez; Dr. Pat Proctor; Dr. Mary Walsh







Committee on Teaching

This committee advises the Dean, Associate Dean, and EPC on matters related to the advancement of teaching, peer observation of teaching, and support for faculty teaching, including the spring faculty meeting on teaching.

Appointed by Dean - term length is ongoing.







Dr. Audrey Friedman; Dr. Jackie Lerner; Dr. Brinton Lykes; Ana Martinez-Aleman; Dr. Leigh Stevens; Dr. Alec Peck




Nominating Committee

This committee carefully considers all faculty eligible to hold membership on the various LSOE committees elected by the faculty and assigns various faculty as candidates for the elections. One tenured Associate Professor or tenured Full Professor having at least 3 years employment in LSOE will be elected by and from each department.

Service on this committee is normally a 2 year term. However, for the 2012 election only, elected members from the larger departments (CDEP and TESECI) will serve a one-year term and elected members from the smaller departments (ERME and ELHE will serve a 2 year term).






CDEP: Dr. Penny Hauser-Cram (2013-15)
ELHE: Dr. Ana Martinez-Aleman (2012-14)
ERME: Dr. Larry Ludlow (2012-14)
TESECI: Dr. Leigh Patel (2013-15)







Academic Standards Committee
This committee makes recommendation to the Dean regarding student probation or dismissal for academic integrity or grade deficiencies.

The academic deans for graduate and undergraduate students co-chair the committee. The dean appoints two members, and the faculty elects two members for three-year terms. Members should be working with undergraduate students. One representative from the Counseling Center also serves on this committee.

Associate Dean Liz Sparks, Chair

Dr. Marilyn Cochran-Smith (appointed 2011-2014);

Dr. Yvonne Jenkins (non-voting, ongoing);

Dr. Mandy Li (elected, 2011-2014);

Ms. Fran Loftus (appointed, ongoing);

Dr. Rebecca Lowenhaupt (elected 2013-2016)

Collaborative Fellows Advisory Group
This committee reviews, awards, and continues funding of proposals submitted to the Collaborative Fellows Grant Program.

Appointed by Dean for one-year, renewable term.

Dean Maureen Kenny, convener;
Dr. David Blustein;

Associate Dean Alec Peck;

Dr. David Scanlon;

BPS representative TBD;

Ms. Catherine Wong


Committee on Technology
This committee makes recommendations to the dean regarding technology purchases, training, faculty development, and general ideas for enhancing the use of instructional and research technologies.

Appointed by Dean, term length is ongoing

Associate Deans Mary Ellen Fulton & Alec Peck, conveners;
Dr. Mike Barnett; 
Ms. Deborah Cantor; Ms. Margaret Cohen;
Dr. Richard Jackson; Dr. Belle Liang; Dr. Kate McNeill;
Dr. Joe Pedulla;
Mr. Barry Schaudt



Department Chairs
Department Chairs meet with the Associate Dean on a regular basis on matters that concern all departments and the Lynch School of Education.

Nominated by department faculty and appointed by LSOE Dean; three-year term.



Dr. Alec Peck, Teacher Education, Special Education, and Curriculum & Instruction (2012–2014);

Dr. Larry Ludlow, Educational Research Measurement and Evaluation (2010–2013);

Dr. Brinton Lykes, Counseling, Developmental, and Educational Psychology (2008-2013);

Dr. Ana Martinez-Aleman, Higher Education and Educational Leadership (2010-2013)






Educational Policy Council (EPC)
This committee participates in the formulation of academic policy and planning decisions by providing assistance and consultation to the Dean on planning, developing, coordinating, and supervising curricula and programs. The Charter of the EPC describes its membership and process.

The EPC shall have a minimum of 12 members: eight faculty, two students, (one undergraduate and one graduate), and, ex officio, the Associate Dean and the Dean. All members shall have voting privileges. Six faculty shall be elected for a two-year term. Two faculty shall be appointed by the Dean for a two-year term. Two students (one graduate and one undergraduate) shall be selected for a one-year term by their respective constituencies. This selection shall be made in the Spring semester, prior to a term of office beginning with the academic year. The EPC will elect its chair at the last meeting of the current academic year after elections of new members. The Chair will serve for one academic year.


Dr. Ina Mullis, Chair (Elected 2013-14)

Dr. Karen Arnold (elected 2012-2014); Dean Maureen Kenny; Associate Dean Jim Mahalik; Dr. Richard Jackson (appointed 2012-14); Dr. Joseph O'Keefe (elected 2013-15); Dr. Mariela Paez (elected 2013-15); Dr. Ina Mullis (appointed 2012-2014); Dr. Dennis Shirley (elected 2012-14); Dr. Usha Tummala-Narra (elected 2012-2014); Dr. Lauren Saenz (elected 2013-2015); graduate representative; undergraduate representative



Educational Resource Center Advisory Committee
This committee meets once per semester to advise the ERC Head Librarian on matters concerning the following areas: library collections, library services, technology services, and support and library facilities
Appointed by Dean

Margaret Cohen, convener

Dr. Lillie Albert;
Dr. Susan Bruce;
Dr. Alec Peck;
Dr. Leigh Patel

Faculty Awards Committee
The Awards Committee recommends to the dean faculty to be awarded 80% Sabbaticals and Faculty Fellowships. The committee also awards summer dissertation development grants and year-long dissertation fellowships to students who are working on their doctoral dissertations and is meant to facilitate their work.

One faculty elected from each department for two-year term. Departments can only elect faculty from within their own departments.  If a faculty member has a joint appointment, she or he can be elected only from her or his primary department. Any faculty member who serves on this committee is ineligible to apply for Faculty Fellowship or the 80% sabbatical during his/her term.

Dr. Susan Bruce (TESECI 2012-14);

Dr. Laura O'Dwyer (ERME 2013-16);

Dr. Jackie Lerner (CDEP 2012-14);

Dr. Karen Arnold (ELHE  2013-16)

Lynch School of Education Foreign Policy Committee
The LSOE International Committee oversees LSOE’s international activities and programs, seeks to foster international initiatives and linkages, and provides advice to the Dean and others interested concerning international issues as they affect LSOE.
Invited by Dean; term length is ongoing.

Dr. Philip Altbach, convener

Dr. Marilyn Cochran-Smith;

Dr. Andy Hargreaves;

Dr. Maureen Kenny;

Dr. M. Brinton Lykes

Promotion and Tenure Committee
This is an elected comm of the Lynch School faculty who are responsible for making recs to the Pres of BC on the awards of tenure to faculty, promotion to full professor, and doing reviews of new faculty in their third year of employment at BC.

Two Associate Professors elected for two-year term and three Full Professors elected for two-year term.

Dean Maureen Kenny (ex officio)

Full Professors: Dr. David Blustein (2012-2014); Dr. Maria Brisk (2013-2015); Dr. Diana Pullin (2012-2014)

Associate Professors: Dr Lauri Johnson (2013-2015); Dr. Belle Liang (2012-2014)

Scholarships and Prizes Committee

This committee reviews input from fac & staff & makes recs to the Dean for scholarships and awards that are presented at the annual awards ceremony during Commencement Weekend.


Dean Maureen Kenny; Associate Dean Mary Ellen Fulton; Dr. Audrey Friedman; Ms. Maureen Raymond; Dr. Liz Sparks