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Lynch School of Education

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lynch school of education faculty handbook

A. Boston College Calendars

BC Student Services maintains the current and future academic calendar as well as the final exam schedules and information on Commencement.

There is a master Boston College calendar of events, accessed through @BC. Also of interest to faculty is the Office of Marketing Communications, which produces Boston College Magazine, a quarterly publication, and Boston College Front Row—where viewers may stream video recordings of cultural and intellectual programming from the University.

B. Calendar of Lynch School Events for Faculty Participation and Dates of Faculty Responsibility


Fall Orientation for Accepted Students – On the first day of classes in September, faculty meet with advisees in groups in the afternoon as coordinated by the admissions office.

Fall Open House – LSOE faculty are sometimes asked to participate in one weekend for local prospective students.

First Year Professional Development Seminar – Faculty have been asked to meet with groups of students starting in September, and throughout the semester.


University Housing sponsors Majors Fair – One faculty representative from each undergraduate major is asked to attend.


Autumn Information Session – The major information session of the year.


Certification Check-Out Meetings with Students and Certification Officer – These meetings are scheduled through the Practicum office and are required for graduation.


Open Houses for newly admitted students and parents.

Telethons for newly admitted students.

Early Action Open House – One faculty member from CASE, CDPRM, Honors Advisor, Deans.

Transfer Orientation – Faculty are sometimes asked to advise transfer students.


Discovery Weekend – If LSOE has a prospective Presidential Scholar, arrangements are made for him/her to speak with faculty.


Open Houses for newly admitted students and parents

Telethons for newly admitted students

Spirit of Education Week dinners

Open House for Accepted Students

Yield Weekend – Friday and Saturday meetings

Regular Decision Open House – Two weekends, one faculty from each department to speak about Teacher Ed Program and field work/certification and Human Development and field/professional areas.


Faculty marshals for Commencement Ceremony

Certification Check Out Meetings with Students and Certification Officer.

June, July, August

Orientation for the First Year Class – Some LSOE faculty participate in three or four of the seven Orientation sessions in which faculty are asked to advise new students and transfer students. There is usually a stipend involved.

C. Associate Dean and Department Chairs Calendar

The Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs maintains a calendar with all deadlines for Promotion and Tenure, research grants scheduling, etc. Copies are distributed to each Department Chair at the beginning of the academic year and are available to them electronically. Copies of all deadlines pertaining to individual faculty members are distributed to them at the beginning of the the academic year.

D. Other Sources of Faculty Information

Boston College Faculty Handbook

The Boston College Faculty Handbook is an electronic publication that directs faculty to those policies and opportunities that are important to faculty as a group. Since 2000, the Handbook has been published in electronic form only. Wherever possible, information available elsewhere is not repeated, rather, readers are directed to the BC websites that contain fuller information in those areas. This approach is intended to ensure both more complete and more up-to-date information.

ByLaws of the Trustees of Boston College

The Bylaws of the Trustees of Boston College and the University Statutes can be found here.

Faculty Section of BC Website

In addition to the following links, you can find more information on faculty services and resources at the Office of the Provost and Dean of Faculties’ webpage. In addition, there is also a comprehensive listing of Boston College offices, services and resources available to both faculty and staff.



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