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Lynch School of Education

Guidelines for Mathematical Preparation of Elementary Teachers

motion passed

The following motion was recommended to the Dean on February 20, 2008 by the full EPC and formally approved by the Dean on March 12, 2008. Please keep this notice with your records about LSOE policies, programs, and procedures.

It is moved that undergraduate elementary education students will be required to take 9 credits in mathematics as part of the Elementary Education Program: ED108, MT190 & MT191. If they have met the criteria for Advanced Placement credit on either the Advanced Placement Exam or through an International Baccalaureate program, they need to take only 6 credit hours, which would include ED108 and either MT190 or MT191, whichever course seems most appropriate for the student’s professional needs based on faculty advisement. (VOTE: 9 yes, 0 no)