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Lynch School of Education

Grading Policy on Incomplete Grades

motion passed

The following motion was recommended to the Dean on May 22, 2007 by the full EPC and formally approved by the Dean on June 25, 2007. Please keep this notice with your records about LSOE policies, programs, and procedures.

It is moved that the Lynch School of Education adopt the Boston College Undergraduate/Graduate policy on incompletes, effective for all Graduate Students in the Lynch School beginning on September 1, 2007. This policy currently applies to Lynch School undergraduates. The policy states that: All required work in any course must be completed by the date set for the course examination. A student who has not completed the research or written work for a course taken in the fall or spring semester or is absent from the course examination in either semester, may, with adequate reason and at the discretion of the instructor, receive a temporary grade of Incomplete (I). All such I grades will automatically be changed to F on March 1 for the fall, August 1 for the spring, and October 1 for the summer.