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Lynch School of Education

Change in the C&I Doctoral Title

lynch school of education

TO: Lynch School Faculty
FROM: Anderson J. Franklin, EPC Chair
DATE: October 28, 2011
RE: Proposal for Change of Titles for Curriculum & Instruction Doctoral Program Specializations

The following motion was recommended to the Dean on October 25, 2011 by the EPC and formally approved by the Dean on October 28, 2011. Please keep this notice with your records about LSOE policies, programs and procedures.

It is moved to approve the proposal to change the titles in three of the four titles of the   Curriculum & Instruction Doctoral Program Specializations.  (VOTE: 8 yes, 0 no)

Current Specialization Title New Specialization Title
Language, Learning and Literacy
Language, Literacy and Culture
Critical Pedagogy, Diversity and Social Justice Critical Perspective on Schooling: Race, Class, Gender, Disabilities
Leadership, Policy and School Change 
Leadership, Policy and Educational Change
Mathematics, Science and Technology Mathematics, Science and Technology