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Lynch School of Education

New Course in Higher Education for Spring Semester 2010

motion passed

The following motion was recommended to the Dean on October 5, 2009 by the full EPC and formally approved by the Dean on October 16, 2009. Please keep this notice with your records about LSOE policies, programs and procedures.

It is moved that the proposal for a New Course in Higher Education for Spring Semester 2010 is approved by the full EPC.

Motion on Proposal From the Higher Education Program
Submitted by Dr. Ana M. Martínez Alemán

The EPC approved the Higher Education Program’s request for the inclusion of a new course, "The College Student Experience," for the Spring 2010 semester.

Rationale: With the addition of a new faculty member, Dr. Heather T. Rowan-Kenyon, we begin our curricular revision intended to augment and broaden curricular content on the research on college student experiences, college choice and access issues, and assessment in student affairs. These are areas that reflect the research, scholarly and teaching expertise of Dr. Rowan-Kenyon and our program’s commitment to enhancing and expanding MA and PhD content areas. Additionally, our program’s commitment to MA student affairs courses and practicum experiences require that we provide a richer presentation of our research and scholarly knowledge of college student experiences. To this end, our program has been diligently working this past year to coordinate our curricular, practicum and GA placement efforts with the Division of Student Affairs at BC and to include curricular examinations of the research and scholarship on student formation and student culture.

This course will be a permanent course in our curricular offerings. For this academic year, we will consider the course an elective.

Enrollment in this course will be steady and strong, regardless of its designation as elective or core. Its materials are interdisciplinary; issues covered will appeal to many students in LSOE and BC graduate programs (E.g. IREPM), especially those in which students must consider college choice and access, as well as working professionals at BC and other area colleges and universities. In the future, we can imagine an undergraduate version of the course for RAs, student leaders, etc.

There will be some courses dropped from the Higher Ed stable of courses in the future. The Program will make this request to EPC in the Spring 2010 semester.