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Lynch School of Education

Changes of the Time Line in the Dissertation Submission

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TO: Lynch School Community

FROM: David Blustein, EPC Chair

DATE: March 31, 2011 

RE: Changes of the Time Line in the Dissertation Submission

The following motion was recommended to the Dean on March 23, 2011 by the full EPC Committee and formally approved by the Dean on March 31, 2011. Please keep this notice with your records about LSOE policies, programs, and procedures.

Regarding the Time Line for Dissertation Submission, March 31 will remain the last date a student can have an oral defense in order to be considered for May graduation. Regarding changes in the Time Line, it is moved that students must submit their dissertation revisions and edits to their Dissertation Chair by April 10th. The final dissertation, successfully incorporating the revisions of the committee members and Chair, and the signed ballots must be submitted to the Graduate Student Services Office by April 14th. This policy is effective immediately.

(VOTE: 7 yes, 0 no)