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Lynch School of Education

Working Definitions

educational policy council

• Ranks will be Lecturer (initial level), Associate Lecturer, Senior Lecturer

• Contracts will be:

Initial  - 2 years
Follow-up – 3 years
Thereafter  - 5 years

• Evaluations

End of first year – Dept. Chair (primarily on teaching evaluations)

End of second year
– Dept. Chair & Dean (teaching evaluations and service to Dept. )

End of fourth year
– senior faculty in Department vote on new contract based on teaching evaluations and service to Department.  Dean and Dept. Chair consider that vote, teaching evaluations, observation by Associate Dean, and service, and decide to either offer new contract with promotion (after 5th year) or to terminate employment.

Thereafter – annual teaching evaluations, with observation by Associate Dean every 5 years

• Committee responsibilities – never eligible to serve on dissertation committees or on P&T committee. Expected to participate on Department committees from first year forward, on LSOE committees from 5th year forward, and on university-wide committees from 10th year forward.

• Promotions

End of fifth year – must be promoted to Associate Lecturer

End of tenth year – must be promoted to Senior Lecturer

• Annual increments – based on recommendations from Dept. Chair and teaching evaluations

• University benefits – same as scheduled benefits for tenure-track faculty

• Transition to tenure-track – No direct conversion allowed, but person may apply for tenure-track positions on equal basis with external applicants